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Look what blew out of it's nest during the heavy winds.My son got a ladder and put him back in the tree.I was scared Mom would'nt take care of him but she is.


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Wow, that's awesome that you were able to put it back in the nest and mom took care of it. Great pics too, thanks for sharing
I love to have the owls around. I have heard them fly by me in the night and they are so quiet it seems like their feathers have mufflers on them.
What a wonderful experience to see a baby owl up close like that! And how very beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!

I picked it up with my garden glove's.I was scared it would bite me.I had a plastic pot I put it in.I called the Vet and ask what to do with it.She was very rude to me.Said I should have left it alone and not touched it.But the dog was going to kill it.So she told me to put it back where I got it or try to put it back in the tree.Just so happens my son works with the fire dept.So he got a ladder to reach and put it back in the tree/nest.Vet said Mom Owl wouldn,t feed it because I touched it with my hand's.Told her I didn't I had on my leather gloves.But Mom has been back and fed's it.I have seen her today with a mouse or something.
good for you! Bah humbug to the vet...she should be ashamed of herself. At the very least she should have referred you to a bird/wildlife rescue.
Glad Momma owl didn't listen to the vet. Glad you didn't either.
My hubby thinks I'm loopy,I've always wanted a cherry picker. That boy of yours deserves a special treat for coming to the rescue!
I'm just a soft hearted animal nut can't help it.If I can help save a life I will.Especially Owl's there don't seem to be to many around anymore.I saw it being feed early this morning so it's doing well.My son love's animal's too I guess he take's after me.
Even if the vet was right, the alternative would have been sure death for the little owl. That doesn't make sense. You did good, Miss Spider.
Very cool and good for you for rescuing the little guy. I am disappointed in the vet...we are fortunate to have found a very loving vet here, and his whole office just loves animals. We spent two mornings a week there when we first moved here and our kitty broke his leg. After 5 weeks of that, we ended up amputating anyway. I wasn't the only one with a tear in my eye.
We have a good vet here too. In order to be sure our animals get the care they need without taking out a second mortgage, the vet in town has shown Fiona how to do much of her own treatments including giving them shots.
We have a good vet here also, last summer I rescued 3 tiny pheasant chicks after a cat found the nest. I called the vet and they gave me the number to the widlife rehab and they came and got the chicks....2 of the 3 went on to thrive and be released few months later.


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I saw a glimpse of little hootie about an hour ago.Peeping out flapping it's little wing's.Wish I had a better camera to make picture's it's to high up in the tree.

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