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I have some hostas planted in a raised bed around two trees on my parkway. Grass has kind of overwhelmed the beds...I wanted to save the Hostas, dig out the beds and put fresh dirt and then replant the hostas. Will I lose the hostas if I attempt this?

Just in case this is important...I'm located in the south burbs of Chicago, the weather has been cool lately (actually had a frost this morning). Based on previous years the plants are currently only at half their yearly size.
i live in zone 5 in Maine and I have moved/split up hostas, spring, summer and fall and have never lost one. They are pretty hardy. In fact, I have some clumps that were given to me last yr and I never got them planted and they are starting to grow. This weekend, I'm hoping to get out and split them to pot up to get ready to sell them.
I say move them
Welcome to the forum and hope to see you around more. Jump right in and get your hands dirty. Ask any questions, as someone will come along and answer it for you. Do you have lots of plants in your yard? Do you grow veggies too?
Again welcome
you will not loss them...but you may not get as big this year if you dig them up now...the best time is at the end of the growing season to dig them up
I would dig them. If the grass is choking them, you stand a better chance of saving them if you re-plant now. AS Mainegal said, they are right tough plants and I've moved them at different time with no trouble.
Also, welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around the site often.
I have been thinking I need to move mine as the neighbor trimmed his tree and I lost most of my shade.
Thank you all for the replies. I feel a lot more comfortable about it and I will dig them up. Plus, it will also give me a chance to reposition them.

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