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Hello Everyone

I am recently shifted to a new house and I am all set to decorate the garden. It is my first time, so I want to make sure that everything looks perfect. Garden decoration can be a fun process as you get to show off your creativity and choose from a variety of styles that suits best for your outdoor space. I know that there are many factors involved in creating a perfect garden décor, such as selecting the right plants and furniture.

To start with, I am focusing on the basics of creating a beautiful outdoor garden space - choosing the right plants and furniture. For this, I have done some research and selected varieties of colourful flowers, shrubs and trees that will add vibrant hues to my garden. Furthermore, I have also chosen furniture pieces such as chairs and tables that will match the overall theme of my garden.

Next, I am focusing on adding accessories to spruce up the outdoor space. To do so, I am planning to go for unique pieces like wind chimes, sculptures or bird houses that can add a charm and character to my garden. Additionally, I have also found some interesting outdoor lighting options that will add a festive and inviting atmosphere in the evening hours. However, I am here to focus on the decor of my garden and ask the experts some tips.

What are the best ways to decorate a garden?

How can I make my garden look aesthetically pleasing?

What tips and tricks should I keep in mind while designing a garden space?

Where can I get coupons or deals for garden decor items?

These are some of the questions I have in mind. I am looking forward to hearing from you about your suggestions to bring out a cozy atmosphere in my outdoor space. Thank you!
It takes a lot of planning and time.

Don't go for a "quick fix." If you intend living in the house for a long time.

Concentrate on the area nearest the house, the view from a window will encourage you to do more.

Have a plan "B" for when you're older.

I built all this myself between 1986 and 1987.

My wife said, "What will you do if you get fed up with it?"

I replied, "I have a plan B."

I didn't get fed up but four years ago the pool developed a leak. It would take a lot of work to change the liner.

So this was my plan "B"
Although I'd dug the pool out myself in my forties,so at the age of 79, I got a firm in to do the work.

There's over a dozen lights in the garden. Mains porch lights, the rest low voltage.
All controlled by four switches behind the lounge curtains. An armoured multi-strand cable between the house and the garage, is under the patio.




I've a lot of interests, the summerhouse houses one of them.

Outdoor lighting is magical at night. String lights, lanterns, or path lights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
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