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  1. S

    How can I make my garden look aesthetically pleasing?

    Hello Everyone I am recently shifted to a new house and I am all set to decorate the garden. It is my first time, so I want to make sure that everything looks perfect. Garden decoration can be a fun process as you get to show off your creativity and choose from a variety of styles that suits...
  2. C

    few hidden tips about Ficus elastica

    here are a few hidden tips about Ficus elastica: Choose the right location: Plants online in india thrives in bright, indirect light, so make sure to place it near a window that doesn't get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while too little light can cause the plant to...
  3. V

    I've made a web app for gardeners living in developing countries or remote regions

    I've made a web app for gardeners living in developing countries or remote regions that helps share planting information between them or build a planting calendar together for their community or location. It's called I would love to get some feedback on it.
  4. Marshie

    When should delphiniums grow in the spring?

    Hey I planted some delphiniums last year, I followed the little paper with where I should plant and the other needs. However this year mid February i saw some leaves sprouting from the plant so I covered them a bit with mulch to help them when it snowed again, now in April when the snow was gone...
  5. S

    Fabric Grow Bags

    Are you still using those regular plastic pots & planters for your garden This time, try growing your plants in unique & versatile Fabric Grow Bags..! Never heard of them before? Or confused about their usage and advantages? No problem, we have compiled here everything you need to know about...
  6. B

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