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I have a huge bird nest in one of the tree in my back yard. It is way up high so that I can't see why kind of bird it is but it has to be ahuge one. At least one a day or every other day I hear a loud cawking sound. For about a month I didn't know what it was until coming home from church my daughter asked what is that in your tree. I have tried using my binoculator but still can't see the bird because the nest hides everything. I pray it is not a hawk or a vulchar. I wanted to call animal control to place a cage but I don't want the bird and teh babies harmed. I perfer not to have buzzard around my house.
It does sound like a crow Spider, but I can't see anything because of the nest being so high up.
You know what a squirrel nest looks like, right? They make great big messy nests, and they might be having babies down your way.

Turkey vultures nest in small caves or hollow trees. Black buzzards lay eggs on the ground.

Red-tailed hawks sometimes nest in trees, though. that would be so cool to have a nest of hawks in your yard! You could watch the babies grow up!
My wife recently asked what a large nest was that she spotted in a tree and I told her it was a squirrel's nest. She wasn't aware that squirrel's built a nest in trees. Even though I did tell her the truth, it is amazing that she believed me. We have a tree here in Oregon called "Madrona". It's a pretty tree and apparently it sheds its outer bark seasonally exposing the next layer which is a slick reddish-brown bark. She was looking at some of those trees as we drove down to California and asked me about them. I explained that beavers were nocturnal animals and they climbed into those trees and ate the bark off. She accepted that explanation for about 30 miles and looked at me and asked, "Beaver don't really climb trees, do thay?" I couldn't keep a straight face under direct questioning, so I had to admit that I was pulling her leg. But it's still good for a laugh when we are in I-5 and I will say, "Did you see that beaver back there?"
I am sure it is some kind of bird because it makes a sound almost everyday. It would be neat to see the babies grow up that is why I haven't animal control. I asked my son about it being a hawk and he was going to check the nest out for me but he is gone to Nebraska for a while.
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We have ravens here and they have an amazing range of sounds
Magpies can learn to talk
Dor, I believe you have a Blue Heron in that tree. They are high in the tree with large nests which are fairly well hidden. A friend of mine had an lot next door to their trailer filled with pine trees and at the very top of the trees were herons.They made quite a racket too. Herons are quite common here in Texas.
Thanks Oma, I will keep trying to see what kind of bird it is. It might just be a Blue Heron for the nest is very high up and large. It does make lots of loud noises. It has been quiet the last few days I guess because of all the rain. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to