Hydrangeas & Soil Conditions

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I just purchased a beautiful Kyushu Hydrangea, but have no experience with Hydrangeas. I'm in Zone 3, but many zone 4 plants grow well here. The soil is somewhat alkaline, and I read that they prefer acidic soil. Will mixing in some peat moss be sufficient? Thanks. :)
I don't know if the the peat will or wont be enough but I give mine coffee grounds and they love it. I hope someone else will come along with an answer. If not I would add the peat & coffee grounds to the soil then I'd get one of those cheapy soil test kits and test the soil in about a week to see what the ph is. good luck. BTW you can get free coffee grounds from star bucks.

Bernie is right about the used coffee grounds. These will neutralize the soil to improve the conditions for growing, that's why his hydrangeas like it. However there are other alternatives. One is Aluminum Sulfate granules bought at any nursery. Aluminum Sulfate acidifies the soil or neutralizes it from an Alkaline state. I use this stuff to grow my potatoes and it works well.
I mulch mine with pine needles and also use coffee grounds and left over coffee on them

Do you think that brown arborvitae foliage will work ? My spruce and austrian pines are too small to harvest their winter needles.

Do you think that brown arborvitae foliage will work ? My spruce and austrian pines are too small to harvest their winter needles.

I'm not sure, hopefully someone will come along with the answer GPM.
Ron? Treeman? Where are you?
Acidifying soil w/ Conifer clippings

Yes, your old conifer needles will also help acidify the soil. But it's going to take time! Sulphur takes about 6 months to show up in a soil test, so be patient. If the plant is yellowed or not dark green, give it a soil drenching of miracid on a regular basis, until you can raise your sulphur level. enough to lower your Ph.
Mom would always make me pour the pickle juice on them for the acid. I can remember sitting under the bush drinking the juice :p
You didn't! That is so funny. If you have apple trees or pears, you can also deposit those under acid-loving plants and let them compost there. But that can also attract yellow jackets.
The soil here is acid so I don't have much to say about turning sweet soil into acid soil.
Hydrangeas grow here without much care. They do like a little shade and summer water to keep them from wilting. I usually plant them in a damp, shady spot with drainage.
I grow several varieties. Here's one of my favorites. It's called 'Weiderspink'.
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Beautiful Botann! Have you posted this in the Photo Gallery yet? I would love to see that get on the feed.

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