I am Heart broken about my amaryllis

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Kya D

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For the last 2 years I have purschased a PINK amaryllis (sp) from the store.
I have bought all different colors for many years :)and have had great luck with:D them but the pink one I bought last year didn't sent up a bud and the PINK one I bought has two bud stalks this year one is just coming up and the other one opened today and sure enough it bloomed and the blossom is an "apple blossom" one. Please don't get me wrong it truly is beautiful but it is NOT PINK.:eek:
Sorry just had to vent
Do you fertilize them and let them strap leaves grow and mature.....
You need fat bulbs to have great blooms.
I Keep mine growing all summer outside in a partial shade area!
They often bloom twice during the summer months before bringing them indoors in late October. I then stop watering and feeding them. I let them die down and stick them in a cool dark spot, for a 2 or 3 months or until the start sending up more flower stalks!
They then go into a sunny window to bloom!
Appleblossom tends to bloom more often then my Picotee or red Lucky Strike!
When actively growing I feed them every other week with half strength water soluable fert! Usually use 10-30-15!
I have had mine for quite a few years, and I do not divide them when they form offsets, they love to be crowded in their pots!
If grown well and follow their culture and care the bulbs should last a lifetime!!
This is a huge bulb it is in full bloom but it isn't pink like the package said it would be.
It is still beautiful I just really wanted it to be pink. It turned out to be apple blossom.
Maybe I will try to get it to winter over this time I have never had much luck getting them to rebloom.
I hear ya Sweetie (((HUGGLES)))

except I have a little different sitch....

I love the Appleblossom..and supposedly they are hardy here..

I have bought 4 cosecutively over the years and they never return after I have planted them in the ground :(

So I gave up..(Along with Easter lillies)
Mine just got leaves on it this past year, but I've had them in the same pots for several years and they've bloomed during the summer. Even when they look dead in the pot they sprout some leaves and do their thing. I've never put one in the ground so I don't know about that.

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