I am so excited!!!

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Today I received a Fed Ex envelope. Opened it and there was a cook book and several small magazines Acres, Innocative Country Living. Knew I had not ordered a cook book and especially Fed Ex'd. Showed it to my husband and a letter dropped out.

The letter stated, "Congratulations Dale, We were looking for breakfast foods for the spring issue of Acres, and your recipe for French Toast Casserole was the clear winner out of all we considered. We first test all recipes before they are made for the photograph, so I have the honor of tasting all of them. Yours was outstanding. Thank you for sharing this fine recipe with our readers. You are welcome to send more recipes."

I was so excited. If anyone is interested in a good make ahead breakfast casserole that has a praline topping I will be glad to post here on GF.
YIPPEE! Congrats! It sounds scrumptious! Now hurry up and post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry for some French toast!
Congratulations Dale. I know you are a great cook. Guess I will be making some French toast soon.
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I Love French Toast So a make ahead casserole sounds exciting. Can't wait. Congratulations Dale.
Oh, how wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to try it. I love Praline anything!!! Great job! Kim
Congratulations, Miss Dale. That is so neat. When do we get to see the recipe?
What a wonderful suprise! Hugs to you Dale, its is so neat when we get rewarded for somthing we do, but even better when we are not expecting it! Great job girl:)


Congrats on your winning. You always have great recipes. You know we all would love to have the recipe. Thanks for always sharing with us here.

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