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Hey everyone! A warm fuzzy hello to all my old friends and a warm welcome to all the new members who joined over the last couple of weeks during my absence!
I finally got hooked up on a wireless network today!
We are also hooked up with satillite for the T.V!
Imagine not having a working tv for a month and a half!!! Most people would go insane not having their TV fix as well as their Internet fix!!!!
I survived.....barely!

I am sitting here on the deck on the North Shore of Lake Erie with a view most of you would die for! (I will post photos later, and I do have a lot of them ----hope I do not crash the forum uploading them all!!!!:eek:)

I will be around now, so hope everyone has been behaving themselves!!
I will talk at you again reall soon----have a lot of things that need doing so I will have to go tend them!
I will get back here again this evening!
Gawd, I missed all you guys!!
Hey Jade!
I no long live in Hamilton and no longer live with my wife!
We decided to split up since our lives are going into different paths. We are still friends, we just can no longer live with each other!
My mom and I moved to the family summer house on the shores of Lake Erie.
I will be starting my own gardening business from here!
been very busy rebuilding the rock gardens which were neglected for a goo 20 years!
I pulled out everything out and I am planting all the draught tolerant perennials that I started from seed. (Heres a plug for Gardensnorth.com) The owner sells seeds from around the world which are not, or rarely, available. I am really enjoying it since I am starting with sandy soil! All I need to do is ammend the soil with organic matter and then plant! I will be posting a lot of photos of my progress, as I go along!
Time for dinner so off I go!
Oh Ron,
So sorry about you and your wife, but I am all too aware of those problems and have gone thru them myself.
Sounds like you are geared up to be keeping yourself really busy. Good Luck, and I have you in my thoughts.
Sorry Ron I hate you and your wife parted.But at least it's in a friendly way.Maybe thing's will work out for the better now.Being your settled in and working on your garden.Sending you a Hug dear friend we have missed you.:)
Hey Ron
Janet will be glad to see you as she's been asking where you have been. I told her that you had been really busy but you would be back sometime soon. Glad that time is now.
Welcome back, we sure have missed you while you moved and got settled in.
wondered where you were Ron???? sorry to hear about you and your wife, but glad you are happy and ready to start a new phase of your life.....gardening business??? what kind??? sounds so exciting.......your new digs sound beautiful.....lake erie!! WOW...
Although I'm not married,I have had my share of parting and feel for ya the best I can! Glad to see ya found that 'YELLOW BRICK ROAD' that ended up here with us all again!! Shores of Lake Erie sounds pretty cool and a gardening business in the works too!!! Best of luck to ya and it is a pleasure to see ya here again too!!!! :)
I have heard a lot about Lake Erie in years past from my wife's family. Specifically, it was from her father and stepfather. They both lived in Mansfield, Ohio and would go up there to fish or hunt. Welcome back, Ron. You have been missed.
So glad to see you back Ron. I really sorry about the break-up with your wife. I wish you well in your new ventures in life.
Thank you for the warm and fuzzy welcome home!
I missed all you guys!
Talk to you all tomorrow!
Its late here so I am off to bed!
Good morning everyone!
Heres the view I enjoy every morning when I get up.
Im usually out on the deck with my large mug of tea, with Beni and Hedy.....and later onm my mom will join us! .....if the weathers nice! ...if not we can sit in the sunroom overlooking the beach and water!


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Just thought I would share what my new life is like!
Eat your heart out!
I'm now living on a good half acre that I can garden that just happens to be right on the water!
I can watch all the Sand Pipers, Killdeer, Kingfishers, various gulls, Terns, Canada Geese, Black-headed Vultures, and I finally saw a Bald Eagle!.... and I should add cormorants by the hundreds!
The Monarch Butterflies are beginning to gather!
A week and a half ago we watched the Dance of the Dragonflies! There were thousands of them! The gather together to start their flight south down the Hudson River and eventually reach Florida!
There is never a boring moment here on the lake!
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Hey Ron,
You lucky dog. Wireless, you are leaving me behind to the old dial up! One day my small town will get into the real world! LOL! Glad you are back. Lots to catch up on!
Hey Ron,
You lucky dog. Wireless, you are leaving me behind to the old dial up! One day my small town will get into the real world! LOL! Glad you are back. Lots to catch up on!

Wireless was the only viable option available here, other then snail-pace basic dial up (which is still rotary), which is so slow the neighbors gave up their pcs and laptops. They dusted them off a year ago!
A fellow 6 miles away put up a tower and went completely wireless with Explorenet!!! Everyone around here, who lives full time on the lake, signed up!

It is going to take a long time to catchup so if anyone has anything that I might help them with, please let me know!
Good to see you with us again Ron, we missed you. Being divorced twice myself in the past, the future is what you make it and it sounds like you have your stuff together. I wish you bundles of luck and joy with your new life and gardening business.

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