I made a boo boo!

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Yesterday I placed an order for most of my garden seeds and plants and I watched the zones close so I would not get anything I could not grow here...or so i thoght!
Turns out I ordered a ginger root and it is hardy to zone 9-10 and I am a zone 5! So I need the help of all you great garden minds. How will I be able to grow this plant and keep it healthy in my zone...any ideas of things I could try...get creative if ya want..lol And if not then I guess it will be put on the plant exchange, but it would be a shame to give it up if there is any way possible to maybe make a false "habitat" for it.

How about planting it in a pot and keeping it outside in summer and bring it in doors for the winter and keep near a sunny window, I have never grown ginger but I would think that would work. Maybe googling how to grow it would give you some help also.
I second that!
Ginger is easily grown in pots. You can summer it outdoors from May to October. Just remember to bring it inside if frost is forcast. Partial shade is ideal with shade during the hottest part of the day!
Use a rich organic base soil such as a mix of peat, compost, well aged manure and a handful of perlite or vermiculite to help the soil drain well!
I always prefer a triple mix for most container gardening!
Ginger is easy and the ideas above are perfect. You can treat it somewhat like an Orchid and it will be very happy. It likes well composted soil and won't like to be dried out. It loves a mist on the leaves as well as a good ground watering:)
Thank yo all soooooo much! I am very encouraged now and will grow the ginger root as a house plant. I had no idea i could do that..hehehe:)


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