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I think I'm getting the hang of the macro on my new camera. I'm really having a lot of fun with it.


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I had evicted that lizard from the house earlier. My storm door doesn't quite fit with the new front door, and there are some small gaps between it and the frame. Gotta get a new one, but in the mean time, the lizards love to get between the storm door and the front door to sun. Every time I open the front door, though, about half of them run into the house! I'm running a constant search and rescue for lizards right these days! I picked up a sweat jacket off the sofa last night and put it on, only to feel something go skittering down my arm and out the sleeve. Scared the bejesus out of me! After I changed my underpants, I caught the little thing before the cats could find him and put him back outside.
Love your picture's the lizard is chillin out LOL.I like them ok but can't stand one to hop on me.They give me the hebegebee's can't stand it.And my son know's it he brought one in the house last week and said look what I found Mom.He had it close to me I slapped at him it dropped and ran toward me.Oh Sh---------------didn't know I could move so fast.He laughed his head off at me.I threathed his life and the lizard's too.Love the cute little ladybug.:)
Isn't Macro just "The Bees Knees?"

I learnded how in April and I was trying to macro everything!!!

now I am trying to figure out how to "Super Macro"

Love your pics of your teeny friends!!!

Good Job!!!!!
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I had macro on my old camera, it just wasn't a very powerful camera. This one is really more camera than I need, but I have lusted after the 20x zoom ever since I saw in on another camera. My Great Poo Pet of Love wanted to get me this, he has felt protective since I was robbed, but since he lives up north, there wasn't much he could do. So, he bought me this beautiful camera.
My camera is smarter than I am. But I bought a camera with my daughter in mind. She is a professional and I wanted something she could use in her business if she chose to do so. I have a macro setting on mine and I can also buy extension tubes if I really want to get serious about macro photography which I probably won't. I have several other cameras that use film and I have an extension bellows and a tube set for one of them that allows me to take a shot as close as an inch away from the lens. For almost ten years I worked in a laboratory where microphotography was a big part of my job. The pictures were taken through a microscope using 4 x 5 sheet film. I probably spent 20 hours a week during that time in the darkroom processing the films and printing pictures.
That's pretty cool Randy. I work in a lab, and we had a film camera set up on one of the microscopes that was finicky and difficult to get to focus correctly. Now everything is digital. Most of the ones around here put the image on a card, then you use a card reader to get it on the computer. My boss even has one in his office that hooks straight into the computer. It's amazing how easy it is to get pictures off the microscope now.

Here's a peromyscus mite we found a couple of months back. Ugly little bugger, but it was fun to play with the microscope cameras.


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great job Blue. As you go you will learn short cuts and tricks but it looks like you are getting the hang of it.
Cute little feller. What is the matrix? The equipment we used was a Zeiss metallograph that had everything built in. Our specimens were metal alloys and were mounted in plastic mounts. It was a slick system. I left the laboratory in the early 70's when I struck out on my own doing refrigeration and heating service. I took a correspondence course in the early 60's and worked a second job for about 10 years before I set out on my own. When I was working at the rocket plant (Aerojet-General Corp.), I figured some day the government was not going to continue to shovel money into developing missiles. I was right, although because I worked for a man that was well-funded in the research end, I never had to be concerned about losing my job. But I did get tired of working two jobs. It was a good move, although I did give up a nice warm working environment for one that kept me on the rooftops a lot during the winters.

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