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Hello! This is my first post here so i apologise if its on the wrong sub group!

I recently bought my first house and the garden itself is very open for me to do whatever i want on, eg there are basically no plants and such on it besides 2 cherrie trees and a couple of berrie bushes on the front yard.

There is this one place on the backside of the house wich the previous owners used to throw their left over weeds etc, so its not possible to use that area yet. I am here to get ideas about what i could do there and im open to anything! I do alot on my own and i have a good general knowledge about gardening (my mum is working as a gardener).

The area is 8x8 square meters and its relatively shadowed on both summer and winter, because of the huge lilac tree (wich im not going to do anything with, i love it!). I live in northern sweden (6b on this zone map if thats of any help.) I will add some pictures of the area and im looking forward to any ideas!

xx ShilaGarden

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