I'm afraid something bad may happen.

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What is this plant growing in my backyard?

I have some tomato plants beside it and I tried throwing in some cantaloupe seeds but that is not a cantaloupe.

I am wondering if I should pull it up or leave it and see if something good comes from it. I don't want it to develop into something spooky.

I think it looks like a sunflower to me too. You could let it bloom and if it turns out to be something else you still have time to get rid of it before it seeds.
Curiousity would make me leave it there till I see what it produces. Sure is a nice big plant.
I'm with Karen, I was going to say sunflower also. I would leave it and see what happens.
yes...it will grow a wonderful face...A sunflower face...I am betting it is a mamoth russian
I love this forum....this is just one of the many reasons why this forum is the greatest....where else could you go and get this kind of feedback so quickly!! Thanks Bob....this is the greatest place to be!
woodstock you crack me up!

I think it's a sunflower too. I love those gifts from the angels. When I went to harvest my cukes a few weeks ago I noticed this perfectly round dark green fussy ball on the vine. I’d never seen anything like it before so out of curiosity I let it be. A few days later I realized there were some odd shaped leaves on my cuke vine. And the green ball was getting bigger and lighter in color. Today I realized it’s a cantaloupe! Somehow a seed from the compost managed to grow up with the cukes just to puzzle me.
BFFQC...We are waiting for the results*LOL Any bloom?

Leaves seem very smooth and tropical.


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