I'm bumming, lost all my clemantis and yellow butterfly bush

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Something sheared off all my clemantis about 6" off the ground a few weeks ago and now the plants look like they all have died:mad:.Thought they would start to grow again from the ground up but I don't think they are alive. They are probably 20 feet or so away from each other. Lost 3 of them. They were all budded up.
I also lost my yellow butterfly bush and really bumming about that.:mad: It didn't come back this yr. We had plenty of snow and I mulch them real well every yr so they were well protected. The white, pink and purple are growing. A dear friend sent it to me a few yrs ago when she lived in CA. She rooted a piece of hers. It was beautiful last yr.
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AWWWW that really is a heartbreaker. Was it an animal that cut them back so hard.
I wish I could help but I don't have either
Your clematis might come back. Don't know about the butterfly bush I have never had any luck with them. I thought my clematis was gone but came back the next year. A rabbit ate it down to the ground.
I'm guessing it was some animal, weird that they ate all 3 of them. They were so lush this yr too. The vines were cut about 6" from the ground. Didn't look like they were eaten at all, just all cut off
Yep that is what rabbits do best! They just chew them off. Rabbits have to do that to keep their teeth from getting too long. If their teeth do get too long they will no longer be able to eat. I'm an ex-4H mom that used to raise rabbits. We had one rabbit that was trained to come, sit, lay down, and roll over until a neighbors dog killed it.
I've never seen any bunnies but I'm sure they are here. Will have to put some wire around them. Sure hope they do come back next yr.
Mainegal,First..Missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been busy!!!!!!!!!!!Almost back...*lol

I am sorry to hear you lost any plant being I love them all and know what it is like to loose one.But..there is hope ...
A few questions..
What kind of soil was there with the butterfly bush?
And is it usually this late to take off?
I would advise to give the bf bush time, I thought I lost a few but then later that same year ('06- bought baby in "05) I saw a sign of life! She is fine now.
I think it has to do with the timing of mulching and root systems drainage...
Just my thoughts.
If you mulch while no deep freeze comes you keep it warmed a tad, then a deep freeze comes and overwhelms the roots overnight.If you have good drainage you still have hope.I would plant a zinnia or something there for now on top *lol just to fill the space.
My BF WeedFlower (Asclepias tuberosa) Simple died not sure if weed killer was the cause I didn't see her do it.But it was the one she inquired about and there are hundreds of other that wasn't spoken of.
So anyway,it is gone,and with the tap root it may come back I chopped it and hope in a few years it will uprise, actually I wont know because I will stick a clump from her pod there.
As far as clematis.it will probably come back ; if it was chewed or cut .My Clematis are slowwwwwwwwwww growing and no great performance out of them.May be because of their neighbors, I separated them and by 2011 I should get a final performance*LOL

OH!Weave the vines in/out of the ground about 3inches deep or so, up to 6''.
letting about 8-10 inches out and above the ground and continue for as long as you can, add a tad bit of new soil on the buried parts,make certain to bury the leave spots and pull the leaves off or cut leave a cm of leave on the vine in some spots and mark it with a drinking straw or stick of some kind so you will know which took ,(either the pulled leaf or the cut clean leaf) you can also slice the leaves in the center not making two pieces just in the center and bury those.
I would try all.No scence in just thowint he stma out,that is ...if you can get it off the trellis..OH!!!!!!! Water stick some in water! Rain water preferred!
Do not let the water evaporate and take the leaves off (Clean cut or leaving a cm or so) the parts in the water .

What kind of mulch did you use (or the clematis')?
I hope you can try any of these.
Missed you..
BFBush..I would leave if I was certain the drainage is good.

My BIG pups chewed my Wisteria off at the trunk..about 2 foot from the ground over the winter. I fenced what was left to keep them away from causing more damage.
Its starting over & much shorter but bushier...guess Necco & Star "cut it back" for me?

Hoping yours all come back Mainegal :)
Laurie the cats broke off my clematis to the ground but they came back. I put some wire around them to keep those darn cats from doing it again. I don't know anything about butterfly bushes. In my garden you aren't dead until you are REALLY dead. I give every thing more then a fair a chance. Good luck I hope your plants come back.

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