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Kya D

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What are your favorite perennials.
I have to get perennials that will take the winters here in zone 4 and 5.
I really like hardy geraniums, Hollyhocks, hostas, shastas, scabosia and daylilies. Many others but these are a start
Hostas(June is our favorite), Hakone grass, any Miscanthus grass, Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum', Sedum 'autumn joy', 'Stella d' Oro' daylily, plumbago...and the list goes on. I just downsized to a new house with a smaller yard, so that is what I started with. I also put in a cutleaf Jap. maple, a fragrant viburnum standard, some knockout roses and more, it was year one and hubby put me on a budget...a silly thing to do with me, but I think that I only tripled what he told me I could spend, since he gave me the same yearly budget at our old house in Ontario which was 25 years old and had a great landscape.
I am going to try to stay under control this year with the economy being as it is. I think that hubbys company will keep him since they just paid a fortune to transfer us, but we can't ever be too sure.
It's tough to keep from buying isn't it. I sure do feel sorry that you had to down size.
It sounds like you are getting a lovely yard going.
I've got so many favorite perenials till I couldn't name them all. I love the smell of jasmine, gardenia and roses. But the beauty of daylilies, irises, cannas, butterfly bushes, daturia, brugs..oh my..I could go on and on. I'm getting spring-sick (similiar to home-sick) just thinking about all the beauties just waiting for the warmth to grow.
It's tough to keep from buying isn't it. I sure do feel sorry that you had to down size.
It sounds like you are getting a lovely yard going.
I am actually considering no grass in the front yard. I will get a great protest from the hubby, but hey, this is my yard.
My Hubby wants lawn everywhere and I want gardens everywhere.
I'm sure we will get some lawn
Wow Kya that's a tough question to answer. Usually whatever is in bloom at the moment is my favorite. If it has a true blue flower I’m nuts over it. Every year I get a new love or must have. Last year it was Clematis and phlox and for annuals Daturas. In ’07 I went nuts over lilies and hostas. In ’06 it was irises. I’m sure this year I will fall in love with something else.
I don’t like grasses at all. A few weeks ago I saw P. Allen Smith waxing poetic about something he called Pink Champagne. If only my father had known those were valuable I’m sure he wouldn’t have had me digging the stuff up out of the pineapple fields. A lot of ornamental grasses were dreadful weeds to us and after all these years I can’t see them as anything else. Potter’s weed and lantana were weeds to us as well but I must admit I do like lantana.
My favorites are centaurea montana, columbines, siberian iris, bugloss, delphiniums and gaura. I also could go on and on.
I am slow to post but have to add my favorites.

Hollyhock,Hibiscus, Zebra Mallow,Daylilys & Iris and can't go wrong with Butterfly Bush (all colors). Just a few of my favs because they do so well and I know I will get a pretty show of blooms every year.

I have a dark burgundy hollyhock that is close to 14 feet tall..has outgrown my mammoth & black oil sunflowers!

Sunflowers & Morning Glory are my favorite annuals :)
Sunflowers and MG's are my favorite annual too! My favorite perennials are bee balm, hibiscus, cone flower, buttercups, Black or brown eyed susans, and my red trumpet vine.
OMGosh Sandi That is one tall hollyhock.
Ms. T. What great choices for both annuals and perennials.

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