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Iris are favorites of mine in my gardens. Here's two of my blues and a white with yellow throat. More to come as they bloom.


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I just love them. You have a beautiful selcetcion.
I want to add new colors to mine. I had some tigers but they never bloomed and now I am not sure which one they are.LOL
I have three in the back getting ready to bloom. This is the first time so I am so ready to see what color they are.
They are one of my favorites also
I lost alot of mine a couple yrs ago,
they all rotted on me.
I had gone to an iris auction 2 yrs prior
and bought 40 different ones at the end
of the auction for $1 each
Beautiful Gloria.....I have always loved bearded iris ... hoping to get home in time to see mine next month! This weather has been incredible to give the spring bloomers an early jump on blooming! The azaleas here in Myrtle Beach are breath taking too.
I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics. I watch my garden daily for new blooms. Today I had a yellow but in my looks more like a white. There's more yet, just slow to bloom. I enjoy my Irises, they're so easy to grow. I don't have to piddle with them very much, just plant and enjoy.
Jules, hope you are having a great time at the beach. You chose the right time to visit, the weather is perfect! I was close there last Wednesday with hubby to a doctor's visit at Litchfield. Have you been to Brookgreen Gardens? It's been years since I've been in there but I'm sure it's even more beautiful now.
Here's are few of my irises

A few of my irises are blooming. This is a first time for me and I am so excited. I bought a few but most of them in this bed were given to me. I will have some to share as they have really multiplied. Let me know if you would like a few. I counted 49. I love them but don't have room for that many. I don't know the names or colors as they have just started to bloom and some have never bloomed. The one in the middle and right look light yellow but they are a very bright yellow.


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Wow, that first one is a very pretty and unusual color Dor. I love the yellows..actually..I love all the colors! Can you tell..I really like Irises?? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to