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I'm new here and I have a question.

I live in zone 5 and was wondering if it was to late to plant cherry tomatoes? My kid has eaten all of them and I need more! The seed pack says 70 days which would be the end of september. Any info would be great.
It's too late to start them from seeds in zone 5, but if you can find some plants at a farmer's market or nursery, you can still plant them
Hello and Welcome first...I think if you put them in containers...Plants that is...they will do OK...but as was said from seed i do think you may be a tad to late
Okay thanks. It's just my 2 year old has ate them all and now no more tomatoes. I think I got one and my husband got 2 off 5 When we open the back door that is the first place she
How cute is she.... eating all of your maters. She NEEDS more.
I think planting them in containers would work out great
BTW WELCOME to our place I hope you enjoy it here.
Well, they couldn't go to a better cause. LOL I have a plant on the back porch for munching, but I have 14 other plants out in the garden.
Ha, that is so cute. You gotta love a little mater eater. My kids still won't eat them and they are in their twenties.
Wow the only tomatoes I have left are my two heirloom plants and I have to remind her several times a day don't pick them they're not
Welcome Stone Family3

I have a a grandson who LOVES to eat anything off the vine..ready or not!
I think that is daughter was that way also when she was a tiny grandson passes the tomatoes and heads to the green beans...
I think that's so cute and quite wonderful. When he was little my youngest would sit in the garden and eat veggies until he got sick. I must be the only woman on the face of the earth who had to fence in her garden to keep her own child out of it. He has a scar on his forehead because he got his head stuck in the fence trying to get at the veggies when he was three. His friends don't belive it and still call me or come by and ask how he got that scar. He’ll be 30 soon and he still sneaks into my garden and snacks. Both my boys love fresh veggies and when they lived at home I had to forbid them from eating what I planned to have for dinner. My DIL says she still has to forbid my oldest hasn't changed. My grandsons are just as bad as their Dads.

I hope your little one will be the same way. Won’t your plants put on more tomatoes? Mine always keep flowering and putting on fruit till the frost gets to the plants. Next year you’ll have to plant more for her. She’ll be three and old enough to help you plant them. My boy’s favorite were the peas, sugar snaps and snow peas especially but nothing was safe tomatoes, carrots, cukes you name it.
Welcome Stone family3! Yep buckets will help you prolong your growing period. Also if you have the room you could consider hydroponic growing for one or two plants. There are all kinds of web sites with kits and supplies including some do it yourself sites with great instructions. A wonderful solution for those with short seasons;)
Next year we are going to pay someone to till up the back yard. So we can plant more. We are also going to try utilizing the front yard and hope the neighbors don't

I'm planning on planting sunflowers and pumpkins/zucchini/egg plant on the front of the house, beans on the side of the house. In the back of the houes we are going to do a few rows of corn, pepers, tomatoes.

We are setting up a rainwater storage system with a soaker hose system.

We are hooking up rainbarrels to the back of the garage, the rainbarrels will be set up along the back of the garage and they will have an over flow system that will flow into other barrels. Each barrel will have a spout that can be turned on and off that is attacted to soakers hoses that will be able to feed the plants. The front of the house will have two rain barrels one feeding the front of the house and the other feeding the side of the house. I think I'm going to grow herbs in a flower bed at the front as well. One made out of tires to keep them contained. I've not figured out a way to keep them watered except a watering can but that I think would be fine.

I have big plans so it will be a little bit of prep but I hope will be fine. I think the birds I feed will really love the sunflowers I'll be planting.
Sounds like a great plan. I'd plant some flower among the veggies in the front yard. It'll look nice and keep the neighbors from fussing to much. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to