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Kya D

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It's winter what new crafts are you working on? OR what crafts do you hope to do when it warms up.
The only thing I have going is that trailer, but in a little more than 2 weeks, I will be starting some seeds and turning on the heat in the greenhouse.
All my crafty ideas are in my head and that's as far as I have gotten this winter.

I still have about 6 bowling balls to play with...hmmmm...I need glue next trip to town I guess. Will paint a few weather March?
Have quite a few gourds to clean & paint also.
What am I waiting for..........:confused:

What are you crafting Kya?
How did you get bowling balls? Now THAT'S one for the record books! You can be the next topic at the grocery store ~ "You know the guy I otld you about the other day with a tractor well.....I have a friend who collects bowling balls.........." Only in Ohio ~ :) see, it's flat in Ohio and they work well there but in Pittsburgh, they fall in river or someone's yard. Rule of thumb in Pittsburgh is you can either live at the top of the hill or you can live at teh bottom of the hill. We always lived at the top :) ~ Curbie
OMGosh Sandi post pics of your bowling balls, PLEASE. I remember them from a while back.
I have been knitting all winter, made 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, a scarf, cat hat, regular hat, dead fish hats 8 of these, and just finished a sweater for my son, done card making of all kinds.


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Here are some of the crafty bowling balls I do.

2 marbled and 2 painted.

Really want to cover a bb w/pennies next. Need glue & lots more pennies I bet ;)


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Curby..I use my decorated bowling balls in my flower gardens. Use tubing or a piece of wood or whatever to set it on so its visible...really shimmers when the sun shines & is a great conversation starter ;)
Can't find pics of 2 favorites..still looking.

Kya..did you marble 1?

Beautiful knitting Sunflower!
I love those bowling balls Sandi. They may a good eye catcher.

The only this I am working on right now is my killows for my grands. I have two made and need to attach the batting. Oh I forgot I am going to make a Queen sized headboard for my bedroom. I have plywood cut. I need to drill the holes and buy some 2 inch foam. I hope to pick it up next Friday and find just the right upholtery fabric to cover it with and to make a cushion for a bench for the foot of my bed.
Yes Sandi I did marble a BB and it turned out so cool. it was really cheap to do especially if the marbles come from the dollar store
Sunflower that is the sweetest. Dor it sounds like UR really busy. I love quillows the kids love em too.
I love them too Dawn. A friend of mine is going to build a cutting table for me in my sewing room because it is so hard cutting on my floor and dining room table. He is a contractor and gave me the laminate wood for the floor, so I just need to get the room cleared so that he can get one of his fellow contractors to install it for me then he can build the box for the table. I am going to have it 5ft by 5ft out of 3/4 inch plywood and will have a fold down exstention of 5ft by4ft. I have the base cabinets but will put up metal shelving on the wall. I hope to have it finished in a month before gardening season gets under way.
Dor that sounds like a dream. I don't have a room big enough to have anything like that. I do have a six foot fold up table that I cut out on.
Those BB are AWESOME! Mike needs a dead fish hat :) What are you all sewing? If you have cats, sewing is difficult. I used to lay the fabric out, pin the pattern on and the cat instantly, shredded the pattern ~ never hit a PIN. ~ Curbie
I have trouble laying my quilts out on the bed Curbie cause my little fur babies want to lay on them.

Lyn, my room is only 13X12 so my cutting table with take up the middle of the floor, but I am going to have locking casters installed so I can roll it against the wall when not in use. My friend and I sketched the plans today. Her husband is going to build one for her and we are going to make our own horses for our valances. They will be chin high so that we can hang our valances to dress them out.

I am pretty busy right now Dawn.
I didn't understand about quilts ~ sorry, Dor.... You're doing a great job and everyone loves a quilt. ~ Curbie :)
I have found alittle time to re-store an old RCA radio ( floor model ) back to it's original condition and now working on the insides ( guts ) of it all. ( it has those tubes we don't see very much anymore these days ) :p
What a great idea ~ we never know how special well built things are until we can no longer find a 'well built thing'. I certainly would like more people to know how to build/re-construct some treasures that have been given to us. ~ Curbie :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to