Jade stepping stones

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I think they will be tons of fun. I think it is better to use a mold that has some give to it so that it is easier to pop the stone out

I know for a buck or so you can buy plastic plant saucer you know the thing that catches the water, ( dang I am drawing a blank on what they are called) they come in many sizes and would work great as long as you dont need to move the stone until it is dry.
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Dawn I don't remember where I read it but you can also use aluminum cake pans for molds as well.
True Dor and plastic wash basins (like from the hospital) If you don't mind some imperfections you can make a sand mold.
I use to have many of th emolds before we moved back to Oregon...really were easy to make...not much cost either...I was going to get more molds...then meet a guy last week that makes and sells them ...for $7 each...so will be getting many from him...
that was my though Kya...he has his back yard filled with them...he sells to a few places around the Portland area...they trun around and sell them for $22 ...I suggested he should sell them to them for at least $10 ...ne say's 7 meet's my needs...he also makes these wonderful trees from stuff he picks up along the way...he is known as the Tin Man...My friend who is blind wanted to take me over to meet him...she sadi well look for the fake tree in the front yard...took me several passes to see the tree was not real...I will have to remember my camera when I go back over...
I wanna do somethin like this...

'ceptin I want to make huge Wolfie paw print steppin stones
so gonna have ta make my own mold:D
yeah but I have no idea how I'm gonna make the mold..
I saw something one time on Gardening by the yard where this lady used
aluminum strips for the mold but I am not artistic in that way..I can make thing out of something that already has shape..but to create that shape?????
I dunno

BF tried to make me a Scooby Doo mold once....he is less artistic than me...LOL
Wolfie get a big track mold and a little track mold.....then your wolf tracks can have a litter of puppies tracks

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