Kale Is Here To Say Hello and HOWDY GARDENERS'!!

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O.K. My Pals,

I'm Kale by popular demand!

Name change wont help a thing. Nothing like being a Sproutling ,sorta give one a smile when they think of that seed finally Sprouting.
A sign of hope that their efforts are about to bring rewards.

Kale on the other hand is just a green pretty veggie that is mostly used as a garnish. I of course love to grow and eat it anyway I can.

I guess we shall move forward and Kale it is :)

I am here and want to say

Hello my friends missed you.

I have been face in books and online trying to learn all that I can retain in several areas of gardening, mostly that which interest me but haven't left out some that don't (like lawn care) but will come useful for a friend or person that I may meet along the way of life.



I gotta say....even if you changed your name...you'd be KALE to me!!! How's that little Sweetie of yours doing? Growing like a weed, I'll bet!!
Aw, you changed just for us? :D I guess you don't want to test some of our old grey matter. ;)

Yes how is your little grand doing?

Mine just came home with their report cards yesterday and did very well. Nana cracks the whip when it comes to homework and applying themselves. Of course, I have all the time in the world to spend with them which makes a difference. :)
Yes Im Kale for YOU! and all my GardenPals!
Great to see you Sunshine!
How are things going ??

My daughter kept telling me to keep Kale, I guess my mid life crisis will work it's way through*LOL

My Sweet daughter is a Sweet Wildflower if I cmay say so myself!
Now taller then me and weighs more too!*LOL
Still as sweet as ever. She is a real Herb grower.She likes growing them because they are easy care to her; just set in the ground and hope for the best *LOL
I thought I'd compete with her to give her a drive to trim and groom her thymes .They are sorta large and not uniform.
Mine however will be, as long as I am able to garden.
She cooks up a wonderful meal! She now cleans up whatever I leave after 10 minutes of washing for her. She sure needs encouragement for clean up,she simply doesn't realize she uses every utensil in the draws*LOL And the" Clean up as you go along" concept*LOL
She is still my little Micetto!

I was sensing heads were being scratched as they would read my posts *LOL

Sashweezy, Howdy!to you too!

All is well. My daughter is now a teenager my sister on the other hand has 10 grandchildren..she is only 47years old! My mom just turned 68 and had 6 children 15 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren with more on the way!
Me, I'm waiting for my sons...actually may be waiting for daughter to grow up.
Actually if you count my baby plants and roses I'm quite wealthy! Not sure if they can be counted without a mistake*LOL

See I told you I was losing it, well almost. I remember your daughter now and you giving her own garden space.

The kitchen mess is standard for teens. Also for my DD that lives with me and she's 32. She does clean up her mess but it's at the end of all the preps so she takes up every space in the sinks and counters. I'm, like you, a clean up as I go. Oh, well I guess it could be a lot worse. ;) I'm still taller than my daughter. I guess she takes after the other side of the family as her Nana on her dad's side is only 5'4". It's hard to believe that she's a teen already. Wow, time sure has flown.
Oops...correction almost taller then me.
She has several over 6ft tall family members up to 6-5'! *lol
My side females are 5'2 and under,I always felt so tall and out of place in pics with them.Could never wear high heels:(
Glad I met Hubby :D I can wear heels and still be shorter them him*LOL
Not that I even have a pair of stockings,I used them all for the garden *LOL

Sash, you know now...
Her herb Garden with the bunk bed wood we trash to treasured*LOL

Swindy,where did your i go?*LOL
You are just too funny for me!

Sure KaleSproutling*LOL I think it adds a little smile to the name don't you? *LOL

Your favorite
Kale Sproutling:D
Oh thank goodness.... when I saw a post by "Kale" in another thread... I thought I was loosing my mind!! then I thought "someone's stolen Kales' name!!" lol.... I"m glad to see you back to your old name! makes it easier on us name challenged types....:D
*LOL Hellow and howdy ALL!
Yes it is I Kale the sproutling that is well understood here among all my Simply Wonderful informative Caring Gardening friends!
Aint it the truth !

Smiles to go around, just cost you less then 1 calorie and is contagious!
Spread the news! Smile while doing it :)

So what is new my friends?
Me, having fun in the garden, mine as well as several others.
It is a fulfilling time all year round.Planning out plots and places for veggie gardens and plantlife during these drab cold dark days.
Brought in several plants so I can stress myself out trying to keep them pest free, and alive, not having the sun rays is a demanding and stimulating situation
I must conquer.

Kale, I agree....it is so hard to keep things going through the winter. It gets dark by about 4 these day, isn't full light till about 8. and is grey and raining more often than not. Perfect time to start growing mushrooms!! :rolleyes:
So Kale.... do you still have your loony neighbor.... I know she was vexing to you, but I really enjoyed reading about her shenanigans.... almost as good as one of those Brittish Sitcoms. I used to imagine you marching out to do battle with the criminally insane and the happily inane.
I think I like Kale verses Sproutling too :p

Besides, no one would know me at all if it weren't for my WEIRD name!

Glad to see you changed it back! lol

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