Kale TIME!!!

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Here in zone 5b it is time to sow our Kale plants along with other greens such as Collards, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and any other greens you enjoy eating They are packed with Anti inflammatory (which means that if you have inflammation it will ease the swelling and pain, if you have arthritis it will ease the pain drug free ,even ease a headache that and drinking several cups of water will relieve the pain!) and Anti-cancer properties (Prevention starts here!) and... with excellent vitamins A,C, K and beta carotene and minerals..

Kale and cousin Collards can be eaten in a salad, soups stews, baked, pan fried (low heat please) and oven rolls (roll your desired meats with or without rice) !

Kale supports the heart and the dietary fiber aids in controlling blood sugar levels (for the diabetic) because it is high in fiber, cup of fresh kale can have as low as 40 calories. So eat your kales after you have sown and transplanted.
When harvesting pick from the lower leaves and you will get more and more all season long!
If you are in a HOT location place your kale in the freezer for about 10 minutes to get some of the bitter taste out .Or the fridge for an hour or so.
I don't care how bitter it is the nutrients are just the same so I eat it *LOL
If we bought celery and it was bitter we would probably eat it anyway :D


Sharing my Sproutlings Blue Dwarf gorgeous vigorous plant and Russian Kale!
very handsome, can be used for a border as you harvest!

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Hmmm never eaten or grown Collards, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli or Kale for that matter lol. I must be missing out on a lot.......not! lol
Yes, you are missing out! I love Kale (the green one), Turnips, Collards, Rape, and Mustards. These are so good for you and have nutrients galore! Maybe you should try the southern way of cooking them, stewed up with ham hocks and a nice hunk of cornbread on the side!
I love turnip greens, collard greens, brussel sprouts and beet greens (don't think beet greens have the same benefits)
Where is the soap!*LOL
Yes Sir.... Wombat Sir ....EAT YOUR KALE AND COLLARD Greens!*LOL
I dont know... It is your loss for certain!!! Do you eat blackeye peas or kidney beans?
Love them all!

Gloria Great to see I have a partner in the green Garden*LOL!

Gloria: I know I'd just looove the ham hocks and cornbread:D
Kya: not one of those green things has ever (knowlingly) passed my lips:D
Kale: Soap? is that what it takes to get your kidlets to eat them?:p lol....I've never eaten blackeyed peas...only normal green ones:D I also eat kidney beans a lot, so there's hope for me yet, but aren't kidney beans brown?;)
(*LOL) HUMMMMM, (arms folded....taps foot on floor) Soap sir is for when one says something they ought not.
As far as eating, I can't name a child that didn't eat Collards, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Kale when served :)
BS steamed with green beans and butter was a treat! Have you even eaten cabbage?
You Sir are missing out on great foods!
Kidney bean are sorta like a brick red.And yes there is hope for you I will not give up!*lol.
Blackeye peas have the lowest sugar absorption,thus giving you long term energy,so when you are getting ready to run a marathon eat up your black eye peas!
Kidney beans have shown that when children eat it for breakfast they score higher on school test. (not certain how true but kidney bean for breakfast is encouraged (hum, hum, given) here in my house) !
My 4children grew up on Black-eye peas, and 3 of the four were the fastest runners in their school grade.My son was faster then up to 2 grades higher then him,when he raced in what is called "Field Day" (Elementary School). They were light lightening!! :D
I tell you, these are great foods; now go and order seed and grow and prepare, eat like you are running a marathon ! You will feel like you can take on the world (pain free*lol)

Humm.Do you eat fresh caught salmon?

Kale rules in the greens category in my house! It is so good for you :)!!


Here's a pic of BE Peas http://www.all-creatures.org/recipes/i-blackeyedpeas.html

I am another lover of mustards, turnpis, pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans and cabbage. I am growing kale this year courtesy of my friend Dale and some speckled butterbeans. My children didn't like balck eyes peas so much growing up so I got a recipe for blackeyed pea casserole from a friend of mine and my daughter and I cook it all the time. I cooked some mixed greens this week with some smoked neck bones in them. My oldest daughter cooked cabbage last sunday. It was so good. I just love cooking my greens and beens with ham hocks but have been using smoked turkey more often since I am watching my weight.
Kale, you almost sound a little southern! Don't forget the Butter beans and Lima beans. Talk about a good soup...these left over beans, even black-eyed peas make one jam up soup. Any time I cook beans,,the next day is soup day. Brown some hamburger, add beans, corn, tators, okra, tomatoes, onions, any veggies and simmer for an hour. And don't forget the cornbread on the side!
We have certainly turned this Rose thread into the cooks corner...how did that happen??? LOL
She sure does sound like a southerner Gloria. Yummy that soup sounds so good. I have some left over ham and a ham bone from New Years might just make some good soup tomorrow.
If I had cabbage left over..that would go into my soup too! The more..the better.
I haven't picked up my Speckled butter beans seeds yet, Dor. I haven't forgotten you. I usually pick up my seeds the last of Feb or first of March and I'll be sending you some. I'm putting an envie in the mail to you today of some other seeds.
Dor which kind of kale are you growing!!?? Pinto beans, Yes !Butterbeans Ok great I Kale soups!

Southern, Gloria,, a poor girl from Brooklyn NY! That is the way we ate and I still do only my daughter adds the herbs *lol

Lima beans I can do without but will eat them if served
Okra I grew one year but didn’t have a clue as to what to do with them…I think hubby ate them raw*LOL wasn’t a splash for me . Corn bread was a favorite, my daughter (1-5yrs) made a bread every week for a well loved senior that belonged to our church. She looked forward to it every week! She was 93 the last time we saw her!

Here is how this turned into a Cooks Corner*LOL
May be an inside joke :D
Bob has a sense of humor for sure:rolleyes::D;)
Gotta love that man!:)

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Oh you cant see it:(Let me try again

there I think that is better;)

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Kale, well you can steam whole pods of okra, or dice it in one inch sections to throw in a pot of butterbeans or soup. You can dice, flour and fry it. Salt and pepper to taste of course. You can even pickle it! But ..I've never heard of eating it raw!!! LOL

Some of your relatives must have some southern heritage in them..ya think?
Kale I am not sure what kind of Kale it is. This will be my first year growing it.

I slice my okra and saute it with onions and garlic, add stewed or fresh tomatoes and serve over rice. I also saute it with my okra, celery, and bell peppers and use in gumbo. My favorite I think is friend but I can eat it any way it is served. I am growing some this year.
There was time when as a child, I would not touch okra..it's funny how our tastes changes.
Rice was something that was served at every meal in childhood and as long as I had 2 kids and 3 step kids to feed, I cooked it practically every meal too. Now I might cook it twice a month. My hubby is a meat and potatoes man...unfortunately. But at least he does like greens!
Hmmm, I can name a child that didn't eat Collards, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Kale when served....moi!:p lol.......as for BS steamed with beans well I'd tackle the beans no worries, as for the BS I'd gladly share with others...I mainly eat and grow asian veggies in stir fries and such but cabbage has seldom passed my lips. Blackeyed peas are available here as cowpeas and are grown mainly as a soil enhancer or legume, thanks for the pic, they're funny looking things aren't they?:D
Kidney beans aren't too bad we often include them on a vegetarian pizza. I'm glad your kids were encouraged to eat all their veggies, when I was small, I was "encouraged" too...needless to say I had many an early night without dessert, lol....It's great that your kidlets were excellent runners, I was thinking that the beans would've helped them run faster, you know that little extra push that beans provide.....with the extra protein for endurance;)
Oh yeah I do eat fresh salmon when I can get it, it's yummy! I caught one in Alaska a few years ago ate it (cooked I hasten to add with no greens though!)about 20 mins later it was deeelish. I would've liked to have caught more but a pair of bear cubs were very interested in what we were doing so we left asap, as our friend said where there's babies there's a mama:eek: I'm sure greens are very good for me but only in strict moderation:D
Hmmm never eaten or grown Collards, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli or Kale for that matter lol. I must be missing out on a lot.......not! lol

OMG! You have got to be kidding me. Even though these are Cole crops you can do very well growing them in early spring/summer conditions and late summer/fall/winter conditions. And you can't beat the health values either. They are easy to grow.
Hey... you knocked my post out crabber*lol
writing this again *LOL

What do they look like Dor? Look at the packet*LOL
Wombat,Interesting and a little humorous too!*lol

Crabber they are not all easy to grow here in MI!
Takes lots of time and care to get a produce out of BS Brocc.
And to get Kales" started,But once they are they stay for a full year or two if you care for them !


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