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I had the wrong name the last time I started this thread. My azaleas have symptoms of spidermite, but the local nursery thought that they were probably Lace Bugs. Anyone have any experience with them?
I think that with the mild winters here nowadays bugs will be a major problem. We have had some cold temps here lately, but they aren't sustained. It is supposed to be 51 on Wednesday, that just isn't normal for PA. When I moved from PA to Canada 7 years ago the last frost date here was May 15th, now it is May 4th, that is pretty scarey, eh? I am thinking of starting my tomato seeds shortly, as we have some Wall-o-Waters to put around them to keep them cozy at night.
I keep telling everyone to recycle. I have always been an avid recycler, we even take our waste paper to the local recycling place. I got on a huge kick after watching al gores movie about global warming. I even got my oldest son on a kick now. I think that we are the only ones in our neighborhood who recycle, it makes me very sad.
We are going to my fav. nursery tomorrow, I need to get some orchid bark and fert. I am going to take some leaves with me. I will let you know what I find out.
Jade are you OK?
How was your trip to your fav nursery?
Are you still there!?
ROF *lol
Whats the scoop!?
Get back here! *lol
What is going on ?
Did your Azaleas brush it off?
Run away?


I have lacebugs. Apparently they need to be treated June 6th, that is when they become active.
I was going to avoid that question, as I am going to use a systemic insecticide. As with all sucking insects they are hard to control, as they hang out on the undersides of the leaves. I know lots of you here are organic and I didn't want to stir up any problems.
LOL! You won't stir anybody up ( not too bad anyway :p). I have left my soap box unless I am provoked by stupidity.
We all have to do what suits us. It wouldn't be my first choice but organics is time consuming. I understand no bad talk from me only suggestions;) With that said HOT PEPPER SPRAY! :D Just kidding with you.
Ha, ok, CG, you aren't the only organic person here. I guess coming from many, many, many years of commercial greenhouse work, I am a believer in chemicals. I am trying not to be stupid and act on the behalf of the environment, but I know when I have a tough bug situation that will need some chemmies.
Looks like lacewings and assassin bugs are natural predators, but arrive after major damage has occured. I think that it is my hate of spider mites that has me concerned about these guys. The damage just isn't nice.
Do you want us to help you go organic?
pirate bugs,
assassin bugs,
predaceous mites.
lacewing larvae will hatch within 3-5 days with correct temps.if ordered.
lady beetles,
jumping spiders,
My time will run out of this post. If we want us to help we will. If you are OK we are too.

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I am ok with going non organic, I just didn't want to stir up trouble and have all of you think of me badly. I am really giving it my all with organically friendly, but this is telling me to do some chemmies. As long as you guys aren't going to put me down I will be fine with one application of a systemic insecticide. I will keep recycling to beat the band. Don't worry. I am having a neighborhood party this summer and they will all be well educated in recycling.
We are all here for the one common thread of gardening. Much like people ,gardening comes in many shapes and forms. Anyone who makes an issue out of how you choose to grow your garden has missed the point of this forum. I will always provide organic solutions ...first...and sometimes even a chemical solution if requested. Just as your choice is personal ,so is mine. I will be there to back you up if someone loses their way;)
A lot of our members have no intention of organics such as some have not intentions of chemicals.
However some of us would still like to (totally)convert you LOL! ;)
Good luck on that one CG, I am a chemmie gal, not really, but you know my background. I actually worked at DuPonts agricultural experimental station when I was in college. I will tell you, those guys were geeks to the max. My main job was mowing the grass, so I was pretty safe. I used to be a gardener for the retired director of this facility. He was such a nice person. They had quite the estate...beautiful trees, a greenhouse full of orchids...I loved them. My first day of work, I was just 15, I hit my boss lady in the head with the shovel. Wow, and they kept me. It was an interesting job, and I still remember all of it and use the skills I learned there to this day.
They knew a good thing when it hit them between the eyes;) Keep us posted on the bugs. Hope they die off soon before too much damage can occur.
They were such great people, the lady drove her car into a house and died, I don't know what happened to him. I am sure that my bugs will get under control. I have the tools. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to