Lemon Slice Hibiscus Seeds

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I will be starting some of these seeds in another few weeks. Want to start them in Dec this yr and see if they will bloom earlier for me so I can enjoy them longer before the frost gets them.
Lemon Slice Hibiscus

They are perinials. I cut mine back in the late Fall. They will grow new from the root the following year and also new plants will grow from the falling seeds. Reminds me of an okra plant only the blooms are larger, bright yellow with a red eye. The bush and seed pods have stickers almost too small to be seen. It's best to handle the bush or pods with heavy gloves.
Thanks Gloria, I had white and pink Hibiscus that were perinials. The yellow would be very pretty. I also had 2 purple hibiscus trees that were beautiful.
I have several hibiscus Swindy, I just don't know the names. I have the white with pink eye too and a dark pink, almost red. I have Texas Star hibiscus, I love these as the petals grow in a way that there is the look of a star inside. I'll have to check out posting a picture here and show you. I'll do that later today. I also have a red leaf maple hibiscus I grew from seeds this year but the frost got it before it bloomed. I took cuttings to root just incase it doesn't reproduce itself.
Laurie, are you starting your seeds under a grow light? I haven't had much luck with starting seeds inside. I desperately need a green house!!
They are annuals for me.... I do have a huge white one, pink one and white and pink one that are perennials.
I have lots of south facing windows so I usually just put them in the window. I use cake containers (the ones that cakes come in at the grocery store) to act as greenhouses to get them started then they only get the light from the window
Would like to get a heat mat someday too

Laurie, sometimes I forget that plants don't grow the same in all zones! Here's a pic of my Texas Star hibiscus.


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More Hibiscus

This is one of the Red Maple Leaf hibiscus that never bloomed before the frost got it.


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    tn_hibiscus 002.JPG
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Ron, it was BIG!! About 6 foot tall. So I took a lot of cuttings. Most of them have already rooted so all is not lost. I cut the big plant back close to the ground..I read somewhere that I should do that! Maybe it will give me new shoots in the Spring...I hope.
Dark pink Hibiscus

I grew this Hibiscus from seed. I like the deep color. I can't wait till Spring, I have so much I want to plant from seeds. I add new things to my beds every year. Sooner or later I suppose I'll run out of space.:D


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I had a perennial hibiscus in Oregon (Fireball, great red flower). The first year it was single stalk. I cut it to the ground and when it came back the following Spring it had several stalks...it was actually a bush that year. I'd say it was a good 4x4.

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I have a white dinner plate one that is huge. I would love to move it as it's too big for the spot that it's in but I'm scared to move it. It gets about 10-15 stalks and has over 100 blooms on it.
2 other ones that I bought at the same time are still small. I bought them in 99
My lemon slice got eaten when I planted it outside this spring. The only perennial hibiscus that I can grow here in zone 4 is Lord Baltimore. It didn't do too well this year as the squirrels ate the buds when they got to the almost opening stage. I brought up a family of four babies this spring and once they were weaned off cat milk and the fruit, nuts and veggies I put out for them, they decided that the garden was fair game to forage in.

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