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Anyone plant lettuce? This is my first attempt. They're doing great!:D


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Now that we are putting a fence around our garden I am going to try lettuce heads. Last year I tried leaf lettuce and it was so bitter! Not sure what I did wrong.
Gloria I usually plant the Mesclin mix of the different leaf lettuces. You did a great job growing the lettuce.
Dale I'll have to try the mix! I tried Red Sails last year but wasn't happy with it. ther was another I tried but I gave up on both. These are doing good for me! Hope my toms, cucs and peppers catch up with the lettuce..I love a good salad!!!
Myfedora, I don't have an answer, but my guess is that it wasn't picked soon enough. But it would be a good idea to ask one of the experts at your county extension office about it or maybe one of the other buckeyes here can chime in. My wife is a buckeye (Mansfield) but she doesn't know anything about gardening.
cabbage and onions

I forgot...my cabbage and red onions..


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i've got to get my lettuce planted, will try some spinach again this yr if it doesn't do well then i won't try again. i had no luck last yr with it
I planted leaf lettuce and got about 10 pickings off of it. I pulled it out yesterday. Lettuce does not do good when the weather gets warm. It was beginning to get bugs and was getting a little tough and bitter. Maybe the weather has to be cool for it to be sweet.
My older daughter and her husband just got back from NYC last night too. They had a good time, but there was also a bit of culture shock. LOL
Just planted some more cabbage but it is way too hot for lettuce. I did have a great crop of lettuces.
My older daughter and her husband just got back from NYC last night too. They had a good time, but there was also a bit of culture shock. LOL

Oh, I was in upstate New York, in Schenectady, to be exact. I'm always blow away by the beautiful tulips they have up there.
I have some family up there. My brother's younger daughter and her husband are in Schenectady. I don't stay in contact with them though. Or maybe I should say they don't stay in contact with me. I did in the past but didn't ever hear back from them. It's no big deal though. My brother keeps me posted anyway.

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