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Lilac bushs have the most heavenly frangance.


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Maggie is that an OF lilac it sure looks blue in the pic.
I love lilacs I now have 8 different colors.
Very nice Maggie!
I can smell them from here!
Ours wont be in bloom until late May/early June!
Maggie is that an OF lilac it sure looks blue in the pic.
I love lilacs I now have 8 different colors.

I've had it so long I don't remember the name. It's not blue it is suppose to be purple but for some reason this year they are more white, They look so washed out. I noticed everyones lilacs and wisterias all look washed out to. The blooms are also short and stumpy. Bad year for really pretty blooms.
I bought a tiny stick last Summer of the lilac.It has'nt grown much but has a few new sprout's coming.It's about twelve inche's tall now.Hope it begin's to grow.I think it will be pink but not sure.:)
I ordered mine from Michigan Bulb and when they arrived they were just sticks and I was so mad. I planted them anyway and you can see how they have grown. They are about 7/8 years old now. It took a while for them to start growing and I wasn't sure they would even live.
OMG!!! This is AWESOME!! :D

Thank you thank you! Now I know what to ask for, for mother's day! hehehe

thank you so much for the links. I amaze myself with how much gardening stuff I still don't know!! :eek:
When I was a kid lilacs were lavender, white, and on occasion you could find a dark purple or red one but now they have so many it is hard to chose which ones you want.
You are welcome Scarez
Here are my lilacs at our new house. They stuck a white one in the middle. I will need to know how to prune these when it's time.


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That is a very old clump of lilacs!
Prune right after the blooms fade.
You can safely remove 1/3 of the total growth in any given year.<--if you want to reduce the size and height.
Remove all deadwood right down to the ground.<--this will encourage new growth to sprout by opening up the bushes to allow more light. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to