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This morning the seedlings were added to the bed. The peppers never even started.... I dumped out the soil from the peat pots, a complete no go... not sure why.

most everything seems to be happy to be in the soil. I beleive I killed the cucumbers. I only planted 5 of 10 hills that I germinated. I am not sure that they will survive.

Thanks for your input that has helped thusfar. I will continue to let you know how things are going.

Wow that don't sound so good with the peppers but the rest sound like they are liking the soil
Good Luck
The peppers like warm soil and even like to be watered with water that has been allowed to come up to room temperature. I watered my pepper plants a couple of hours ago in the greenhouse and when I was through watering, I refilled the container (pitcher) and that will sit there until tomorrow when I water again.
I know it's been a while since I posted. Sorry about that but life does have a way of getting in the way of forums and such.

most everything is growing well. I built some trellises for the peas and I have had several grip and begin to climb. I may have overloaded the garden a little. I am going to work on pulling out a few of the smaller plants to give the stronger ones more space.

my cucumbers are definitely the exception. I germinated 10 hills of 2-3 plants each. I am down to 3 plants that seem stunned.

again thanks for all the help
James..did you try to do peppers again?

My Bf says he just plants his seeds directly into the ground and they grow crazy

maybe you could try that when it gets hotter?

We don't plant veggies here til mid May 1st of June
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I was wondering if you looked at your seeds that you tossed to see if any had started to germinate. I have some in the greenhouse that I know did not show for at least four weeks. They are still considerably smaller than the ones that emerged earlier. I wonder if I planted those particular seeds deeper than the others.
My first batch of peppers was a total flop also. Second ones are coming good, they will get moved from the starting tray into cell trays in just a few days. I'm a little concerned about them getting time to actually fruit before September. I may, just to hedge my bets against early frost, buy a couple trays from the local commercial nursery.
I enjoy reading the updates on everyones gardens. I'm not able anymore to garden like I used to and it sure helps reading about all of your gardens. Keep up with the updates and please post some pics.
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My bush beans and tomatoes are coming along very well. I planted some jalapena and banana peppers in containers yesterday. I have a couple of jalapenas in with my tomatoes. I will see which ones with do the best. I planted some Scotch Bonnet pepper seeds on Tuesday. I will see how they do. Here's a few pics.


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Isn't that Scotch Bonnet pepper the second hottest pepper in the world, Miss Dorothy? I think that one may be the base for some hot sauce Fiona got for me. It's called "Temporary Insanity".
They're supposed to be very hot is all the lady told me Randy. I planted two pots of the seeds but so far none have sprouted.
I know there are two varieties that are hotter than the habanero and I won't bother planting anything hotter than that one. So be careful and watch those grands. If they ever tried one, they would never forget it.
I will watch them for sure. Thanks for the heads up. Jaylen and Mya gets into everything when they are together. They are both four and think they are 15. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to