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Help everyone!! I was ServantsHeart at the other sites. I am now living in GA-Atlanta area. I am in need of (searching for) fresh seeds for:

Cypress Vine--the multicolored one (white, pink, red)

Hyacynth Bean--all kinds

Salvias--perennials esp but all are welcomed

Eggplants & heirloom tomatoes, hot chilis

Celosia Feathers and such--the tall, pretty lovely smelling ones!! I had some years back now that were pink/red and soooooo wonderful!! Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds adored them as much as I did and I had enough growing together that they was BUSHES!!!

Hollyhocks--large, doubles, all colors

Daturas and Brugmansia-esp doubles (for Brugs postage for the cuttings is NOT out of the question!! esp rooted cuttings!! lol)

Cuttings/bulbs--Monsterosa deliciosa, etc

I need things that can grow inside in poor/low lighting etc. Anyone have Cast-Iron plant?? Have no idea what it is but the garden show for GA says they are great plants for my area??!! Willing to give most anything a shot!! So many things I need seeds for I just can't recall what all I need!! lol Any help will be appreciated!! Don't need a whole lot of plants at the moment--hope to move in Spring and easier to do without a jungle to move. Thanks all!! Hope some old buddies are here. Been missing AFGreyParrot and few others!! Sure have missed all my garden buddies--even just to chat with!! Hope all are well and gardens were all WONDERFUL this year. Mine wasn't but I had old seed and not familiar with the soil in my yard!! There is ALWAYS NEXT year!!! lol

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