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This is a similar call out to what Dale posted.

I'll have a need for several pre-made meals to just thaw / heat and eat. Thing is all my ideas tend to be heavy "winter food". How about ideas that are lighter for mid to late August?

We just tossed three lasagnas into the freezer.

I have at least 15 soup recipes that jump to mind but I don't want to eat bean soup in 90 degree heat.

The Yans - plus one more soon

Kya D

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I am with you most of my ideas seem to be winter meals.
I do make 2 meatloafs everytime then I freeze one raw and then just thaw and bake.


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I like the Ziplock seal and serve plates. They go freezer to microwave and work well at keeping things from freezer burn.

I tend to save my left overs in the plates in single serving portions. Then just pop them in the freezer. A grease pencil works well to mark them and is easy to remover later.

I make a wrap filling and freeze it ahead. you can add chicken meat of fish to it if you like.

1 can of corn
1 can of black beans
1 can rotel tomatoes and chilies
1 large dice onion
1/2 cup cilantro
Season to taste

it thaws quick and does not need to be heated or cooked . Use tortilla wraps and add fresh lettuce and cheese and you have an instant quick meal.

I also make ahead fish dip and freeze. It takes a little longer to thaw but if you take it out in the morning and put in the fridge it is just right when you get home.

When I ate meat I made a Taco pie that could be frozen. I will see if I can find the recipe for you.


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Good Cookies Ideas on every day!
1) recipe for eggless cookies
Chocolate chip cookies are America’s most favorite cookie. This eggless version of cookie is very easy to make even for the beginner bakers. This this the recipe for the eggless chocolate chip cookies for the people with food allergies.

2) wafer cookie
Has it ever happened to you that when getting ice cream the only thing you really, really want is the waffle cone? If the answer is yes, this wafer cookie recipe is you solution. They are like potato chips of the cookie world. Once you have one you can’t stop, and the next thing you know the whole plate of cookies is gone into your belly.


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Good idea for breakfast and not only) easy chicken and waffles
Treat yourself to a brunch filled with indulgent dish of chicken and waffles. Let me be honest, this dish is a true splurge and my guilty pleasure, and I do not eat breakfast like that everyday. Plus it is labor and effort intensive, but a labor of love. You make the fried chicken, then you make scrumptious waffles and then the best part you eat them.


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