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While we are on the subject of outdoor grilling I would love to hear the different marinades that you use for grilling.
My favorite and most often used marinate is made with zesty italian dressing, worchester sause, and garlic cloves. If I want a little sweetness as the meat is cooking, I added Kikkoman baste and glaze with barbeque sauce. If I want terikayi then I add it instead of baste and glaze. It is good on chicken whole chicken wings.
I have to make mine from scratch as Dewey my husband doesn't eat onion and garlic. I can't find my marinade recipe I connocted with bourbon water honey etc. I will find it later today and post. I used that bourbon marinade for beef ribs recently and the ribs were wonderful.
Nothing better then cooking Porterhouse steaks Marinated with EVOO and fresh garlic, salt and pepper.. then basting them while their cooking. So juicy and de-lish
Roe you only use the olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper to marinate? For how long, please?
I love my steaks to marinate in Dale's steak sauce.

I have a friend that marinate's her steak's over night.She use's one can of beer don't know what brand.They are soooo tender when she grills them.
When I do Chicken I make a lemon pepper marinade with white wine, parsley a little garlic. I let the chicken sit in it for a couple of hours and then use the marinade to bast the chicken. It is so much nicer then a regular BBQ sauce.
I usually just open the cabnet and fridge and what ever I might have I dump in...along with my standby garlic...but one of the basic ones I like wine vinegar, olive oil, a dash of ginger oil, crushed garlic, white pepper, sea salt and really well on any fish and chicken ...I like to let the meat sit in for at least 1 and 1/2 hour...but three hours is best...then I use it to brush on as th emeat is cooking...
Don't you just love the taste white pepper gives to anything. I use white pepper in marinades as well.
Dale...I don't use anything but the white or cyann any longer....It is such a great enhancment I think...
another nice thing to use if you don't have fresh lemon is lemon grass...I so miss my is one of the first things I think I will put in her come spring...
I've never cooked a porterhouse steak. I'll have to look into that. If it is what I think it is, it would be a good one for a very special occasion.
Randy a porterhouse steak and a T bone steak are very similar. Both have a T-shaped bone near the middle of the steak. Both are great steaks.
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Nothing wrong with a T-Bone either. I haven't bought any of the expensive steaks for a long time. I usuall get the round steaks for Swiss steak or sirloin for grilling.
I make my own especially for fish.
2 Tbs water
1Tbs olive oil
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tsp garlic /either powdered or minced
red pepper to taste more if you like it hot less if not
place fish flesh side down and leave in fridge for 2-24 hours depending on how firm the fish is. Best on Salmon
You can convert this to BBQ sause marinade by adding catsup and a little liquid smoke.
Nothing wrong with a T-Bone either. I haven't bought any of the expensive steaks for a long time. I usuall get the round steaks for Swiss steak or sirloin for grilling.

I haven't bought the expensive steaks in a while either. HEB usually has the T-bones on sale $3.99 lb about once a month or so. I just buy 3 when I do for my daughters and myself. Her children are small so we share with them. I like sirlion strip too. I lost almost a freezer full of food when the power was out after Hurrican Ike. I had ribs, turkeys, steak, fish, shrimp the works. The insurance co at least gave me $500 but it didn't cover everything.
That's too bad. Sometimes when that happens, the freezer has to be abandoned too. I can keep our freezers going by hooking them up to the generator long enough to hold the temperature down. We have three freezers and three refrigerators. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to