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I have a bit of a problem with mealy bugs, never been a real problem until this year. so what do you use to get rid of them? I posted in cactus and succulent because they have made their home in my epies and some of my hoyas I'v been using dish soap and water because I hate the use of any chemicals around my plants, the dog likes to hang out in my growing room and the bird thinks its her pvt jungle :D so I have to stay away from chemicals, so I can have blooms like this next year
Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

Bear Mealy bugs are a tough problem to deal with, as they very quickly spread to every plant in the area. If you have a large infestation your only real choice is to revert to chemicals. Can you close off the room for 10 days so your furry and feathered friends can't get in there? If so then spray with malathion. If not then you can treat each bug by dipping a Q-tip in alcohol and dabbing it on the mealy bug. If the bugs are on only a couple of plants it is best to take those plants out of the room where the rest of your cactus are and try to treat them in another area and then keep them away from the other plants until you are sure you have killed all the bugs. Good luck to you my friend
I found the best home remedy is to use rubbing alcohol. For a large infestation use a spray bottle, for smaller outbreaks you can go around with a Q-Tip soaked in alcohol. The alcohol disolves the waxy outer protection and dehydrates their soft bodies!
You may need to repeat the treatment.
Another good safe pesticide is NEEM. It is pricy but a little goes a long way!
Pyola I also think will kill them. That is a gardens Alive product and works great on a wide range of pest!
a sick room if you are able helps alot so they don't spread. I had a beautiful epi that got mealies bad and I tried for 2 years to get rid of the mealies and just couldnt do it. It was really hard to say enough is enough because the plant was still growing. a q-tip in alcohol is great for the occassionally bug or two. Right now I am using a 50/50 solution of alcohol and water in a spray bottle on 2 huge hindu ropes. The thing to remember is life cycyle. It takes several treatments timed just right to eliminate them
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