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This is my organic garden. These pictures are of my san marzano varieties. I mixed up a lot of my plants not keeping good track of them but i believe some of these are a result of breeding that i had done last season. I start growing during the winter here in az. the crosses that i did were between the san marzanos and themselves and baby sweet tomatos.


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Cool tomatoes. We won't be able to plant tomatoes for a few more months. You sure do make me want to even more.


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this is a continuation of the last round of pictures. the first is my favorite of the plants. Next are the yellow pears, sweet 100's, and lemon boys these werent grown from seed but purchased from the local nursery. Lastly is my mr. stripey heirloom which i am stoked to see. There is a clear difference in color to the leaves and branching.


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THis is my early girl from the nursery as well. Next i have various peppers red bells, yellow bells, and another version i dont remember. I dont Have them all in the pics. Next i have anaheim chilis and lastly a first generation self crossed bell from last season.


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this is my romaine lettuce and brocolli in the individual pots. The romaine cant hack it here. weve had weather swings hitting around the 80s and it just wilts. In this next picture i have my red sails lettuce which is very hearty to this weather and is truley thriving and is a sight to see. Very psychadelic! my green onions next and lastly one of my seedling trays. sorry had to edit this but im having trouble wiith the pics so all the descriptions dont match i will get more up later. enjoy


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I love the shot of the seedlings. They are so cute. and you were on their level. Looks like everything is growing nicely.


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dear AZ thanx for the picks i rcvd my Park seed order sat will start my "Tumbling Tom" tomatoes (both red&yellow) tomorrow i will have to baby them for a while we don't set tomatoes out until first of may so i am hoping these tumblers will fruit earlier in hanging baskets i am sooo jealous of your tomatoes!


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Can not break the lettuce here. We contributed to the weather all over the swinging 80s, it is just wilted. In the next picture I have my Hong fan lettuce so it is very warm weather, is truly booming, is a sight to see. Very psychedelic! My next and final green onions one of my trays.


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I have a different red bell pepper, yellow bell, I do not remember the other version. I do not have them in the Pacific island countries. Next, I have Anaheim chilli, and the last first-generation hybrid bell from the last season. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to