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While I was out planting tomatoes today and taking pictures, I took one of my pond as well... Still have some spring cleaning (of the bottom) to do, but it looks really good and the fish came through winter just fine... Most of the fish are ten years old and older... My lilly pads are starting to get new growth, but you can't see them in this picture... Dave


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Dave please explain to me the purpose of the mesh covering the pond. Is it to keep debris out or to keep a child from falling in?
I live where it is way too cold for me to have a pond.
The closest thing we have is we have a spring fed trough (where the mustangs water) out on the desert that has had very large goldfish in it and they have been there for many years.
Beautiful fish, wish I could have a pond or water garden, but I run a day care for children and I don't even dare to have a bucket of water with 2 inches in it. I enjoy looking at everyone elses.
Pretty cool pond there! ( I always think about doing 1,but I get busy doing something else ) I helped a friend of mine make 1 at his place and it was pretty cool - he's in a wheel chair now,or else I'd rope him into helping me make 1 of my own! :p

* thanks for sharin with us and it's always a pleasure to view your pics! *
( cool idea about the mesh,btw )
I would never throught of that. Plainly I don't know much about fish ponds. Only that they are so lovely
I love KOI

I used to have 3 in a big 50 gal fish tank until I came home one night after working 12 hrs. Walked through the door and the first thing I noticed was they were swimming sideways. I asked Dh what happened and he said he cleaned the tank for me and they would snap out of it. Well Next morning I had a funeral service for all 3 and have never let him forget it. But as soon as we finish our pond (half way there) I am going to get more and he won't even be allowed to feed them!:mad:
How did I miss this post? Love those fish Dave. I hope you'll post again when the water lilies are in bloom.

Laurie Why are they illegal there?

myfedora Don't you just love it when they try to HELP. I tell me DH he is going to help me into the nut house one day.

I have a itsy bitsy pond not big enough of even one Koi but the gold fish are happy and I love the sound of the water. Can't wait to turn the pump on again. Still a bit to cold for me to get out there. We had snow yesterday. :mad:
Hi everyone. Even though this is an old post, I wanted to let you know that I am on Facebook (David Quick) and have made an underwater video of my pond and fish. I'm including the link, but I don't know if you have to be a Facebook member or not to view it. Guess we will try and please let me know.!/video/video.php?v=1483332329217&ref=mf

Now, to catch up with everything, I'm going to hijack my own post for a moment. I've had to pretty much quit gardening and have reduced my garden to about 10' x 16' or so. I've just had my third surgery on my cervical spine in hopes of getting some use of my legs back. It didn't work, and over the next few years I will slowly loose the use of my legs altogether. I physically can not get down on my knees and bend forward because of all the hardware in my neck, and because of the load it puts on the very top and bottom of my neck. So, some changes are taking place. I'm okay though. God is in control, Jesus is still MY Jesus, and one day I will have the promised body that won't fall apart on me... I'm doing just fine, just haveing to change a few things. Dave
Nice to hear from you Dave. So sorry to hear about your health problems. It seems that you have the right attitude about all of it. I am learning my physical limitations too. I go up and down the stairs way slow nowadays! I will befriend you on facebook, I am Jill Garner in case you see an friend invite.
Love your fish pond! I have one too and Love it!
Sorry to hear about your health problems. I pray the Lord continue to hold you in His arms and that His will be done in your life! Do you do container gardening? Is that a possibility?
Dave it is great to have you back.
I am so sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope for you the very best.
It sounds like you have a good outlook and that is half the battle.
Treva, Just go to my facebook page. Search for Dave Quick. I am the one standing with my wife by our airplane, and it's about the second thing down from the top.
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