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Well everyone, I have everything in and going nicely... If you recall, I set the tomatoes out in late March in Wall-O-Water tents, and my early tomatoes already have blossoms... Here are a few pictures...


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And here are the rest of the pics...


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Looks great, I'm hoping to set my tomato's out next week, I am going to try some topsy turvy ones on my driveway, my fiance built a wooden rack, heavy duty, and I"m going to try big cat litter buckets.
I have one of those chairs too, Blue. It's just one of those plastic chairs you can buy for about ten bucks, but I have a large pear tree out there next to the garden and it is always shady underneath that tree. It's a great place to just sit and think.
I just bought 2 of those chair about a week ago. They are green and I like them.
Nice garden Dave My tomatoe's look pitful against your's.I have some pretty garden peas.If the bunnies don't get them.
Looks great! I took some pics of my tomatoes today. I will try to post them soon. I also have a couple of squash on my plants.
Thanks for sharing!
You are doing very good..actually excellent !
Nice work!
You do not fear a night freeze?
Or do you still cover at night? Toms would make it through a freeze at that age and growth but what else do you have planted there?
How low do your temps go?
We were still hitting real feel at upper 20s and 30's last week this week it is mid 30s to 40's.
But here in a matter of no time you can be washed out or froze out.
Very interesting.

Mine toms took so long to germinate I lost track was going to nurse them, the got all leggies,Ididnt have them under lights yet:(
I am quite sure I will start them all over again. Everyone else is fine. Although, not ready for their new raised bed yet.

Yes Crabbe! A CHAIR. A MUST! *lol

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