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Here are the Iris I grew from seed. I wintersowed them on 1-29-08 and they bloomed 5-18-2010. They are Caesar Brother and Siberian yellow. Got the seed in the Christmas wishlist trade on gardenhere. If you were the Santa that filled my wishlist, Thank you!!


Those are sooo very pretty Melly. I have both of those on the edge of my pond but my yellow has never bloomed for me. This is the 3rd year. They've grown nicely but just never bloomed..makes me sad...
Gloria...that yellow iris will be even more beautiful since you have had to wait so long. Hope you get some blooms soon!

Thanks...I think I also like the purple best. My Iris is all all done too :( doesn't matter how long they last...its never long enough. If I ever get to the puter will post some of my others
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Very pretty Melly. I have the purple one and they multiply so fast that I have them in both ponds and in 2 of my beds and 1 place I just dropped them in the ground.
Thank you Maggie! Here are some more of my Iris. They were all gifts so I don't know their names. If anybody knows who they are, I would welcome and love an ID.


Thanks Kya....I can't wait for the pink ones to bloom. I bought a Caesar Brother yesterday...looking forward to its bloom also. The tag looked different than the one I planted from seed. I would love to find a red one. Give me something to do this winter when the ground is all covered with snow :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to