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I got up early Sunday to let my little dog out.I heard a strange voice it said Meow Meow it was a kitten.It came running across the yard.It was starving so I had to feed it.LOL I still haven't found a home for the other full grown cat that came here last month.Don't some of you need a kitten and a cat.LOL Here's a picture of the Kit-Cat's :)


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We got another new one recently. I don't know if it is a he or a she and it doesn't matter anyway. It may be a feral cat but it is hanging around and pilfering some of the food I set out for the other two kitties. Maybe it will help out with the mole problems.
I'm with you all I have NEVER gone out to get a pet cat. They always show up in my yard and adopt me.
When I bailed Fiddler and Zoe out of the pound a couple of years ago, it was the first time I ever had to go looking for a cat. They used to find me, but in this suburb I don't see many stray cats.

Those are such pretty little ones, aren't there any rescue groups that could help you out? Seems like if they were where people could see them they'd get homes really fast.
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The only place to take stray's is to the local vet.And after 7 days their put to sleep. I can't do that I'll find them a home.
i got Wally a week ago. he's a 6 -8week old black and white, showed up in my compost, already have 4 cats but in my llife have had 16. Thanks for taking it in.
I have bad new's on the little kitten.Their was a stray dog here yesterday.I don't know where it came from but he killed the kitten:mad:.I ran out and it ran away.I haven't seen it again.I hate it killed the poor little kitten.Smokie misses the little thing.:(
I'm sorry!!!

I am SOOOO sorry to hear about the kitten!!! Yes, we were also adopted by one 7 years ago (Furball) and when we moved to this house (as we rent) we found two babies had been left here under our storage shed. They would eat what we put out but were very wary of us. Later when they had their litters and saw that I would give the babies first aide they trusted us. We found homes for them and cared for them. Now we're moving into our OWN home this year I'm going to miss them. Especially since I just found that dogs are all around our new home.
Everytime though I lost a kitten or a cat, even though they were strays, I felt the pain and the anger that comes with it. Still that DUMB (for lack of saying something worse) dog should be on a leash!!!!! Poor kitten!!!! My heart goes out to you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to