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7- white moon vine
3-shasta daisy
4- cantaloupe
1- acorn squash
1 -zucchini
3- sweet William
1- large red cherry tomato
1-Red poppy
1-white lily bulbs has 3 small in pkg.
6-johnny jump ups
2-large pink hibiscus
3-pink hibiscus
3- lamb’s ear
3-bachlor buttons
4-mixed columbine
7-green to pink columbine
6- large yellow marigolds
2- small marigolds
6- nicotine
2-White hycinthia bean
5- purple hycinthia bean
13- white violet
6-eskimo white marigolds
6 Peacock orchid bulbs, small one year old
3-green envy coneflower
2-morning glories
1-white coneflower
2-Emily McKenzie Crocosmia
3-white cosmos
1-bird house gourd
4-butternut squash
4-spa. Squash

Looking for;
Hybrid phlox- blue boy tenor
Lily-pink stargazer
daffodil- pink charm
tulip- blue heron
bachelor button black ball
coneflower- coconut lime, twilight, tomato soup
blue berry bushes
spinach seed
radish seed
straight eight cuke seed
green beans seed
patio tomato seed
asparagus plants
sweet 100 seeds
SunFlower, I have green beans. 1 oz of Provider (bush,buttery flavor, 6 "pods. 50 days to germinate) 1 oz of Jade (18-22" bush, 5-7 " pods, 60 days & they extend later in the season than most)And for FUN I have a Royal Burgundy Bush bean (grows purple, cooks green :)
Have some Bloomsdale-Long Standing Spinach seeds too.

Let me know if you are interested.
I think I have some 3go seed of sweet 100's. I'll check to see if they are viable. I'll let you know.
What do you consider a patio tomato? I have seeds for two dwarf varieties that I have been told do well in containers.
Karen your package is on the way. I mailed it Saturday.

There is a tomato that is named Patio. I bought a plant last year but it didn't do as well as I would have liked. Maybe my containter was too small. I don't know.
That was fast Karen. I did get mine today. Thank you bunches for the trade.
Well Dor, they must have flown them right to just as soon as the stamps where on them, that's a first for the PO. Hope they all grow for you, happy gardening.
What do you consider a patio tomato? I have seeds for two dwarf varieties that I have been told do well in containers.

Blue, a Patio tomato is called just that a Patio tomato. Or i guess just about any tomato that you can grow on a patio in a container would do too. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to