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For Trade:2- Lemon Cucumber
1-Table queen Squash
1-mingonette resedu odorate
10- white moon vine
1- mixed dianthus
1- Hendersons lima bean
1- white rose of Sharon
1- purple columbine
2 spinless okra
3- pumpkin
3-shasta daisy
3- purple swirl datura
1- agave
2- easter egg plant seeds
1- c waiszewizii
1- basil
1- lemon basil
1-italian basil
1- cantalope
1- mixed cosmos
1-morning glory
3- yellow squash
3-blood root
1-scarlet sage
1-hibiscus pale pink
1- candy lily
1- cantalope

My Wants;
colus seed
tulip bulbs
begonia tubers
gerinum plugs or cuttings
vinica vine for hanging baskets
lilys, no orange ones have tons of these
or trade for postage.
Thanks Karen/sunflower3
I wold really love the lemon cucumber and the lemon, and italian basils. Please look at my list i post and let me know if we can make a trade.

RiverRock I would love to get one of the dwarf Pomagranate seedlings you have. My daughter loves pomagranates and this would be a great plant to give her. Let me know what you think, thanks Sunflower3
I would rather save my Pom seedlings for plant trades becase i dont have much in way of live plants i can trade with for things I am looking for. I have a LOT of seeds though and I listed a bunch of them in my seed trade post.

Also you can look on ebay, there is a nursery on ther that sells dwark poms that is how i originally got mine..and to my awesome blessing when I whent to repot my seedling I discovered I have not 1 but 5 seedlings! So give it a look and see what ya can find..and please do let me know if we can make a seed trade.

Sunflower I got the seeds yesterday..thanks so much dear! You should be getting yours soon also.

RiverRock seeds came today, thanks so much hoping to plant them tomorrow in the greenhouse to start them, thanks for the extra seeds too, they will be planted also if my daughter has her way. she likes plants but I do all the work.
Oh I am glad to hear it Karen, I hope they bless you and your daughter greatly:)

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