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I have a tree in my yard that is dying. The branches are falling and it has green algae on it. The bark looks like dead flesh peeling away. I posted up some pics.

There are other questions I have about my other plants but this one is more important. Could anyone please give me some advice. We all ready cut down two trees because of this.


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I don,t know what to tell you but it looks that one needs to come down too as it looks like it can,t be saved.
There are a couple of folks here that will more than likely know what is going on with your tree. Sorry I can't help.
Better to chop it now, rather then wait for it to fall on someone!

Can't tell what species your tree is.
Could be one of those weed trees that grows fast and has a short life span.
It is probably some form of heartwood rot from any number of fungi!
Green moss on the bark has nothing to do with the trees slow death!
Likely cause is is too many years of drought conditions as well as insect attacks. Wood borers usually go after trees that are dying as well as bacteria and fungi! Usually it is too late when you see a tree in this state of distress, and die back!
It will make some good firewood!
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