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Ok, let's hear the ideas...I need three shrubs (same variety) that will grow less than 2 feet tall and aren't big spreaders. They can be evergreen or deciduous and can be flowering or not. So far in the bed I have a fragrant viburnum standard on the corner, 3 pygmy crimson barberries, 5 double knockout roses, next I am going with 3 winterberries....then I need my shorties, and next is a Miss Canada Lilac. I have been out thinking this out for a while, just keep looking and looking at the area. I am not really in love with those blue junipers that don't spread, but I guess I could go with them if need be. I also prefer no spireas.
Any ideas? My brain is tired from spending two hours at the nursery, not even thinking about what to put there, getting all of my annuals, going grocery shopping, coming home and planting everything I bought, and preening the veggie garden. Whew, now I have to staighten up the house for weekend company.
I would use lora pedallum or Magestic Indian Hawthorne. The lora pedallum has several hues to match any color theme. What all did you do at the nursery? Inquiring minds want to know.
I like Fragrant Tea Olive for smell. Not sure what zone it's hardy.
Russian Olives are pretty cool and rather easy + after they get get going after sometime ( approx.4-5 yrs. ) - they can act as a bird feeder as birds love to nibble on the branches,leaves,etc. - Good Luck -
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OK guys, I need LESS than 2 Feet tall. I am thinking that perennials may be the way to go.
In one of my previous beds I used Trailing Gardenia. It stays low and a good ground cover. Oh the fragrant smell of the gardenias.
I bet you need to go with perennials.
I really like my gaura but it gets taller than 2 feet
Ug, hubby came home all gun ho to plant, after I had just spent 3 hours planting and my hips were sore, but we got everything that could go in the ground in the ground. My hips are now sore, ha. But, tomorrow thunderstorms and we are going to tour around Gettysburg area with Bro and sis in law tomorrow...oh and stop at a greenhouse where I used to work to get some marigolds that I am looking for. It will be a quiet day though...they are tired from so much driving, and we will get home early and probably play cards tomorrow night.
Keep the suggestions coming.
Treeman that sounds like an excellent choice. No wonder you are the "treeman".
Not sure what zone you're in, but I just bought a My Monet Weigela, it's suppose to be 20-24 inches x 2ft at max size. There are a few others (such as Midnight Wine) that also stay small. I also have a Dwarf European Cranberry, which I love, it's max size is 2ftx2ft, and it's a lovely dense green ball, nice colour & folage, no flowers or fruit. :)

Almost forgot, I also have some small globe Cedars that are around 2 ft.
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