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Kya D

Active Member
Wine drinkers everywhere :)
Please I am in need of lots of corks to make a craft. I would be glad to pay shipping for them.
So please if you are willing to part with your corks keep me in mind. ;)
I know that I can buy them online but this sounds like more fun.
I need the true cork type not the plastic ones.
THANKS for playing. :D
Kya I will ask my friends who drink if they will save their corks for you. If you waited on me you'd be waiting a while. Not much of a drinker these days.:D
Kya you can also get them at Hobby Lobby, Micheals heck probably even at JoAnns Fabrics for pretty cheap
I am making christmas ornaments. They are just the cutest horses. Kinda like a rocking horse or a carousel horses
What a great idea Dawn. I will see if I still have the bucket of corks I was saving. I hope I didn't throw them out.
Oh,what a darling idea! Wish I had some to send you, but I get tipsy on half a glass. I keep trying to convince myself to start on Christmas deco are an inspiration!
( I just gave a neighbor who makes and bottles wine all of what I had - wish I'd have known you were in need ) :)
How about the Patron cork. Do you think it would make a good head? I haven't gotten by the bar and grill yet to ask them to save them for you but I will. :D ;)
You are the BEST
I keep looking at that cork and trying to picture it as a head I will have to make one and see how it turns out
Try a local wine making supply shop. We do "birdseed in a bottle" puzzle games and buy both bottles and corks at a local shop. They're not expensive at all, and I think they come in bags of about 50 or more.

Just checked online with one of the local places I know. They sell packages of 100 for $20 to $25 per pack, depending on size.
Thanks Bob living in Utah really cuts down on anything to do with the evil drink.
I will check the wine making shop when I get to a larger city in Nevada.
Or what the heck maybe I will just google it.
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