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Does anyone know where I can find a site where I could buy some good house plants. So far the only plants that I grow indoors are my Nepenthes, Butterworts, Cephalotous and Sundews.

Kya D

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Allen I have several houseplants that I would be glad to send to you some cuttings in the spring when the weather warms up. Here in Utah where I live it's really cold, we got 15" of snow here last night. Please keep me in mind if you would like to pay postage or trade for something you have
BUT I don't have any kind of CP only plain ol house plants
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It's alright, An I'll be sure too keep you in mind! It don't matter. I'm willing to give up one of my Nepenthes


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What type of house plants are you looking for Allen? By the way, welcome to the forums, we're glad to have you with us.


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Cacti are pretty cool to have sitting around. Snakeplants are pretty easy to take care of and last for quite sometime. Sago Palms are different and depending on how much room ya have,they can become pretty big and always a conversation piece. ( they are in the bonsai family believe it or not )
Aloes are almost like a cacti and nice to have around ( just because ), Banana trees (mini) - I have 1 that's becoming pretty good size and conversations are always formed around it. There are several to choose from. I have a mini orange tree that I have had for over 25 yrs.and it's still going strong. Good Luck in your searches,I'm sure you'll find one's you like and they will be in a home that makes them not only feel comfortable,but growing for years too!

* welcome aboard here and enjoy getting your hands dirty with us all too! *


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Park Seed sells a lof of house plant seeds or small starts.

A couple of years ago I would have recommended Park enthusiastically, but apparently Karen Parks no longer has a controlling interest in what was a family business. I've been hearing more and more complaints about Parks service. *I* haven't had any problems with my orders to them, but I've seen a lot of complaints else web.

Here's a site that has hibiscus we were all drooling over last fall.

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