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New Member
Hello all,
It's good to see everyone again! Some of you know me, some dont! I'm Robin from Pa. Hope to meet you all! and learn more from you!
I remember you Robsch how are you doing? So glad to see you here. so many of your old friends are here. Wasn't it wonderful of Bob to do this for us.
Ahhh! The Fair Lady ((((((Robin))))) has joined us.

I trust that all is well on your slice of the planet.

I've been busy lately with Ol' Red and I trust The Green Hornet has been in action as well.
Hi Robin - not sure we have met pleased to make your acquaintance! A big welcome from the east coast of Canada:)
the name sounds familiar but don't remember anything else. Will look forward to getting to know you.
Good morning Robin
I'm oremudpie aka melanie and new to this group but good friend (in person type)of Vegemon aka Debe I live in oregon
Welcome Robin! Not sure we have met but I am sure we will. I'll drift in and out and hope to see you around
Welcome Robin........your name sure looks familiar,.........hope you see you around the forum.........
Hi Robin
I remember you from the old forum that we used to vist. So glad that you are able to join us here. Everyday more old friends show up. It's great....
Hello robin...nice to see you...the name seems familar...forgive the old brain of mine...glad you have come on in...Look forward to chatting more..
Hello Jo, I thought I knew your name...I am doing well...have moved in finally to a new place and can not wait until spring to get the yards goinng...Look forward to chatting with you along the way... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to