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Hi everyone

My boss put me in charge of landscaping at work and I’m trying to get and idea of the plants for the upcoming season and that’s where you guys step in lol.

Things to think about

- Needs to be colorful
- Hardier the better
- Ones that come back everything would be nice
- Size doesn’t matter (I have a lot of room to work with)
- Plants that don’t need to be watered everyday

Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you for helping
Hi there and WELCOME
What zone are you in and do you want mostly want to plant ie annuals, perennials, vines etc.
It all depends on what zone you are in.
Then we can help.
Welcome to our forum Joey!
Once you let us know what area/zone/closest city, we will be more then happy to help you out!
Off the top of my head...daylilies, ornamental grasses.... for starters!
That sounds about right!
Now to put you to work:
How large is the area?
What exposure does the area get? Full sun, morning sun, evening sun? Are there areas in mostly shade? In other words, does the area face south, east, west, or north?
If you have a digital camera it would be great if you could take a few photos and post them here! That would give us the dimensions we need to make suggestions!
Need to know what type of soil?
For mulch you will need to think about the color of the mulch and whether you like organic (such as wood bark), or inorganic (such as pea gravel, or larger decorative stones!
Keep in mind to keep it simple, light and airy!
Sometimes too much of anything is not a good thing visually!

Once you have done your homework I will move this thread to the
Garden & Landscape Design
area of the forum!
Well alrighty then here we go.
I love shastas, hollyhocks, hardy geranium, artemisia, daylilies, tall bearded iris.
When I think of more I'll let ya know.
Also love bulbs like daffs, tulips, crocus.
Hi there and WELCOME
What zone are you in and do you want mostly want to plant ie annuals, perennials, vines etc.
It all depends on what zone you are in.
Then we can help.

I'm in Maryland near Baltimore so I think 6 or 7 zone from what I looked up, does that sound right? I'm not looking for roses or anything like that but more like marigolds and mums. I work at a Go-Kart Track and I just want something nice, colorful, simple and something the teens I work with can't kill lol.
Marigolds are a cute reseeding annual. The plants I mentioned are all great for full sun. The hollyhocks are not very rugged for teens but the rest would probably do fine. So would 4 "0" clocks. I would do stella d oro daylilies cuz they are tough..
Cosmos get tall but they are sturdy plants
Let me know what you decide
Welcome to the forum Joey. These are some of my favorite flowers and all do well for me.
The alaska shasta daisy, coneflowers, coreopsis, gaillarda, daylilies and asiatic lilies. The gauras are very pretty and airy. All of these bloom all summer (zone 6) where I live.
colorful zinnias also look great

I think you would enjoy zinnias as they are so colorful. Also, you might want some beautiful evergreen bushes which come in many shapes and colors. They will provide colorful interest after other flowering bushes finish blooming in your area. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to