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Hello! I was looking for a gardening BB and this looks like a friendly place, so here I am.

I just purchased a Mockorange 'blizzard', and it's getting ready to flower. Since plants tend to be a little shocky for a few days after transplanting, I was wondering if I should let it flower in the pot before planting it in the ground? It's quite large, about 3ft tall x 2 ft wide. Thanks! :)
First off WELCOME to our group Rebecca. Please jump in and most of all ENJOY.
A few years ago my Hubby bought me a mock orange I love it but he would never tell me where he wanted it planted so for 3 years it stood and bloomed in the pot it came in so I when I finally got it in the ground it loved life. I'm guessing that these shrubs are tough little darlings. I don't know if mine was a Blizzard.
Good luck with yours and again WELCOME
I think it would be ok Rebecca just as long as you give it a good drink everyday for a couple of weeks.
I planted a Mock Orange this spring. We have horrid soil, clay and rock. I make sure he gets watered weekly if we don't have rain. I love the aroma when he is blooming.
I wouldn't water every day, he needs to get his roots going. It looks like summer is coming and all of the rain that we have been getting is about to end. We have soaker hoses in all of our beds, but haven't used them at all.
Welcome. Glad you landed here. You will find a cool group of people floating around. So jump right in an join us.

I agree with everyone above. I think he will be fine untill he blooms out. What zone are you in? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to