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two things-1. I am having a terrible time with birds eating my developing tomatoes and watermelons, what do I do? 2. Do tomatoes self pollinate? just wondering...


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Welcome to our forum Missy!
Knowing where you live would help with a better answer!
What kind of birds are you plagued with?
Tomatoes are self-pollenating so you do not have to worry about doing the job for them!
Watermelons may need help if there are no bees! The vines produce male and female flowers so the pollen from the males need to be transfered to teh femal flowers! Usually bees will do the work as well as other insects such as ants.

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Hi Missy and Welcome.
I am sure you have joined us.
Please give us a little info. What zone or state do you live, what kind of birds are to blame?
Can you use some type of bird netting over your plants?
Again Welcome.


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Hi Missychicky! Welcome to
Keeping birds out of the garden is a double edged sword. I do understand though that you would like to harvest tomatoes & melons! So a couple bird deterants are,:
1. pie pans- the aluminum kind tie them where they can spin in the wind. You can also use old CD's. Something light and shiny that can spin in the wind.
2. You can use row covers to drape over your plants. This still allows sun and water in but protects the plants from birds. These will work very well on vining ground crops. On the tomatoes you would need to maybe tie them around the base of the plant to make a bag like cover.

Birds do eat insect pest so they have a good side. I bet it is the mocking birds that are eating the tomatoes those and Blue Jays seem to be the worst for robbing the garden. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to