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All of the seeds are from my 2009 gardens, the ones marked DG/GF are trades I got from Daves Garden or Gf members. The prarie moon and gardens north seeds are new seeds I ordered for this year that have more seeds than I can use. I will trade pack for pack or for postage. Prefer bubble wrapped packaging. I am willing to try any seeds especially unusual annuals and perennials that will work in zone 5/ 6a. If you are ever in the southern tier of NY come see my gardens.
Seed count- minimum 10 - 30 seeds depending on how many I have. Ask!!!

Allium ramosum chinese chives DG
Amsonia tabernaemontana Eastern blue star amsonia
Angelica archangelica
Anthemis sancti-johannis St Johns chamomile
absynthe artemisia absinthium
asclepias lanceolota lance leaved milkweed
baptisia austrailis var. minor False indigo
Calendula mixed
campanula cochlearfolia harebell
chelone glabra white turtlehead
cleome /white queen
coreopsis grandiflora /bigflower coeopsis
dianthus armeria/ depford pink
dicentra spectabills/ bleeding heart, mixed white and pink
Echinops/ globe thistle
erysimum x marshall /siberian wallflower DG
Eupatorium /Joe Pye weed
geum avens DG/GF
heliopsis helianthoides /false sunflower
limonium platyphyllum /sea lavender
lobelia cardinalis /cardinal flower
lobelia siphlitica var ludoviciana/ great blue lobelia
melampodium paludosum/ butter daisy DG/GF
nicotiana sylvestris
papaver/ laurens grape
persicaria orentalis /kiss me over the garden gate
polemonium bressingham purple / jacobs ladder
ratibida pinnata/gray headed coneflower
rumex sanguineus/bloody dock
salvia scarea/ clary sage
silene cononaria/bloody mary / rose campion
tanacetum parthenum / feverfew virgo
thalictrum aquilegfolium/ greater meadow rue
tiarella wherryi foamflower valeriana officinalis /Valerian
verbascum phoeniceum / shades of summer
asarina scandens/purple DG
pink hummingbird sage DG
jamican sorrel /hibiscus sabdariffa DG
roman chamomile DG
aruncus zwei? DG GF
campanula americana prarie moon 2010 seed catalog order
hosta diana siebloda ( you would be amazed how easy these are to start, the first year you have 1/2 to l " babies and the second year a hosta plant.)
mertensia virginica /virginia bluebells /prarie moon 2010 seed catalog order
gentiana andrewsii/ bottle gentian 2010 prarie moon order
astragalus canadensis/ canadian milk vetch 2010 prarie moon order
gentiana flavada/ cream gentian 2010 prarie moon order
gaura longflower/ large flowered gaura 2010 prarie moon order
sempervivum species and hybrid mix gardens north 2010 order
Afew more seeds that I have to trade or for postage.
purple coneflower echinacea
sweet annie artemesia
white balloon flower platycodon
blue balloon flower platycodon
columbine aquilegia songbird mix
perennial hibiscus pink
eastern redbud GF
Tall marigold 3-4" orange/yellow GF
digitalis white foxglove
black eyed susan
calendula mixed
jamican sorrel hibiscus sabdariffa DG
Please feel free to PM me. Thanks
dianthus sweet william mix
Hi How are you? I would like to trade for postage with you please. The only thing that I have are the purple coneflower. Can you make me a big variety pack? We just built a greenhouse this past fall and I am know playing in it. Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you so much, Becki
I like to get some of the coreopsis grandiflora /bigflower coeopsis and Echinops/ globe thistle let me know how much for postage and I'll send it to you, thanks, sunflower3. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to