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Alan in Vermont

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Hello all. I'm a small scale market gardener and collector/user of John Deere garden tractors. The gardening started as an excuse to use my tractors. I'm working a couple acres now, land that friends let me use. Have made some blunders and learned a few things. Hopefully I can find something to contribute here.

Me and one of my workhorses, 1977 JD 400.

New plot I opened up last spring.

Kids in the pumpkin patch last fall


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Hi Allen!
Welcome to our forum!
You came to the right place!
As gardeners we have all made mistakes and hopefull learn from the experience!
Feel free to jump right in and get involved in our community!
If you have questions feel free to ask!
Welcome aboard from the state of Ohio! Enjoy your time with us and be sure to jump in anytime where you feel our hands/fingers need just alittle more dirt to make things better too!! :p
Dang Alan that is one workin tractor
It sure is great to have you join us so jump right in and enjoy the fun
Kya, yes, that one earns it's keep. It's a 1978 JD 400 pulling a 12" Brinly plow a full 6" deep in old sod.

Sandi, my Granddaughter and several of her friends had first dibs on the patch. It started a soft rain and was getting dark before everybody arrived. They each got to pick one big pumpkin(some were well over 100 lbs.), one normal pumpkin and as many mini-pumpkins as they wanted. They were all wet, muddy, and smiling when they left.


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Great pics, thanks for sharing them. Welcome to the forums Alan, looks like you have plenty to contribute here. Great patch of pumpkins and younguns sure look like a happy bunch!
Hubby and I have a couple of acres we plant in vegetables too. Unfortunately we no longer have tractor but able to borrow one from my brother so we still manage.
Hope to see you here often.
Hi Alan welcome to GF glad to have a new gardening friend.A garden like your's is a great place for kid's. Make lot's of memories there for them.I remember alot of fun time's in the garden with my Dad and Mom.:)
Hi Alan,
Great tractor! And gardens. You will fit right in around here. Keep posting , love to see the pics and here the stories. I am sure you will have plenty to offer us. Share your blunders as they are learning tools for the rest of us.
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