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Hi Everyone,

I didn't know if I was supposed to start a new thread or post to one of the stickies above for my introduction, so hopefully this is okay.

After getting my feet wet with growing a few herbs last year, I ventured out to the fascinating world of backyard vegetable gardening this year. I am trying out square foot gardening, traditional in-ground gardening, some container gardening and even DIY indoor grow box gardening (my boyfriend built this amazing grow box from a used armoire).

The start-up cost is still way higher than the value of the vegetables I harvested so far this summer, but I have high hopes that my garden will pay off eventually. If not, at least I'm learning a lot about vegetable gardening and having lots of fun in the process!

I just finished most of my fall planting in the last couple of weeks, so I'm waiting (im)patiently for these crops to grow. I'm also waiting for successful harvests from a few experimental vegetable plants that I started late in the season, including Jelly Bean tomatoes, Long Cayenne peppers, and a cantaloupe plant that I started from seed from a grocery store melon.

I'm looking forward to getting to know this garden forum community, and learning from each other. I've also been chronicling my gardening progress and adventures in my new garden blog. :D

Thank you for reading my introduction!
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Greetings and Welcome to the place...your investment will pay off greatly over the years...and your time in the garden will be cut...which is nice ..I did take oyur link out as until you have been a member for a bit we ask you to wait to link ...and then if you are selling things that woudl not be allowed at all...besides that we are a very easy going place and I for one look forward to you being around th eplace
Hi there Thyme and welcome to our family. It sounds like you are trying new things. Good.
There are people here that really know their stuff so if you have questions just ask.
Until then relax and enjoy!!!!!!
Thank you both, Flower4Yeshua and Kya D, for your welcome!

Flower4Yeshua, thanks for letting me know about your links policy. Oops, I'm sorry about that. I quickly browsed the FAQ site to see if there were any policies regarding this, but didn't see any. Perhaps I should have searched harder. Just so you know, I'm NOT trying to sell anything here or or on my blog, I just like being able to connect with other friendly vegetable gardeners on the internet to bond over the gardening experience.

Thanks again, and looking forward to getting to know you both!
Hi Thyme!
Glad you joined our forum!
There are quite a few knowledgeable veggie gardens here just dieing to talk about their crops!
I do a small scale veggie garden, and even have eggplants growing in 2 gallon containers that are doing amazingly well.
I'm into xeric perennial gardening, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!
Thyme, I don't know if I have ever made my garden pay for itself, but I have never tried. I have always planted far more than our family could use and then given away much of what I have grown. On Tuesday, I took a 5-gallon bucket of green beans to a nursing home I visit. They use them as an activity for the residents there (snapping beans) and feed the beans to them later. But to me, the thing that really makes the garden worthwhile is the taste of the food that comes from the garden compared to what the market has to offer. So much of market food is selected for being able to stand up to being shipped, shelf life, and appearance. You can allow your food to ripen on the plants and pick them when they taste the best.
Welcome, Thyme ! I agree with Randy, I think most of us do it for the love of the outdoors and the beauty it can provide. I only have flowers b/c of being in a townhouse. Sounds like you REALLY have a plan there ! We'll look forward to hearing of your successes ! ~ Curbie


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We garden for the the pleasure it gives us!
How can we place a price on that!
Gardening is priceless!
Whenever someone asks me to come over to there place, and ask me to do there gardens over, my quick rsponse is that they couldn't afford me! ...and chuckle until they see what I meant!
It is true that we never truely recoop what we spend on our gardens unless we go into business selling your plants, and produce! Even then.....
This is true Ron, I could buy my produce and come out on top but it just doesn't taste as good... and then again...I wouldn't feel that excitement and pride that I feel when I grow my own!
Welcome Thyme, it's always a pleasure to have new gardening friends join us. Those Jelly bean tomatoes are real good..mine did well this season. Good luck with your garden and holler if you need any help.
welcome to the group, from the catskills in NY........Ive grown herbs for years, some come back... some I replant each yr........its effie here with me being Im in zone 4.....
Welcome Thyme. Florida gardner here. Glad you joined us. A garden is a gift to all who enjoy it. I have not been without a a garden for more than 30 years. I could not imagine life without one;) I just planted my fall crops this weekend and can't wait to harvest. It is a labor of love.
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