Oh my back...

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I'm an IDIOT!

Got up this morning, had two cups of coffee, and took Winnie-The-Poo-ch for her run on the golf course, then came home and had the brilliant idea to clean the koi / goldfish pond...

The mesh cover that I use to keep leaves out got torn over winter, so I removed all the rocks that hold it down, cleaned and started the above ground pump to pump the water out while the hose was filling at the same rate... Now this may all sound pretty simple, but my back just doesn't take that sort of thing any more... Anyway, I managed to get done and was pleased to see that all the fish wintered over nicely and the yellow and also the purple water lilies are already starting to show some growth...

But OH MY BACK!!!​
Anybody that want's me today is out of luck... I'm laying with a heating pad under me bumm! :confused:


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I have really good luck with Aleve when mine goes out. I find r and r is the worst thing I can do. Hope you feel better soon.
Sorry to hear you have hurt your back.Better stay put for awile with your heating pad.Don't be up lifting and pulling on anything.Hopefully some rest and heat will fix it right up.Are still going to be able to make your trip tomorrow as planned?God bless and watch over Dave.:)
Aww it's okay... Just sore from not doing anything all winter... Well, I'm flying to Denver tomorrow morning early, so see you all next week...
Hey don't be so hard on yourself, your not an idiot. You were just doing what you thought you could do. Get some rest, I'll be praying for your back.
OMGosh I really hate a back ache.
I always use salonpas patches when I have muscle aches. They are great.
I feel your pain. Those simple task we did without giving thought back in the day are now chores of pain. I still do the same things and then wonder why. LOL! but if we stop most of us will die.
Praying for a very speedy recovery and that you will feel fit as a fiddle soon! Your just getting in shape for the spring planting;)

Dave I did the same thing last week. I thought I was going at it slow and being careful. After having a long winter brake my muscles screamed bloody murder. It's been to cold to go back out and play so I know they'll be kicking up a fuss when I get out there again.
Hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful fellowship.
It's a very easy thing to do Dave, I'm sure we've all done it at sometime or another. My brain is willing but my flesh is meek about sums it up I reckon. I usually just do the many tasks that I know I'll be sorry about for a couple of days after but the pain is eased somewhat when you see what you've accomplished.
Hang in there man...I am laughing with ya :D...my body sure can feel it since i was out working in the yard this week...tearing fences down...straining, pulling, and tugging. It won't be very far off in the future and i will be getting back in the creek and getting more rock out of there... I still have a few beds i wanna enclose with creek rock...and seriously thinking of doing a raised asparagus bed with the creek rock..

Hi all, thanks for the notes.... I flew back from Denver today and took a bit of a snooze.... I got some good pictures to share, but right now I'm too pooped to post... I'll get it done tomorrow though... Dave

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