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Kya D

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Last time I was in town a woman was giving away 2 purebred doxie puppies.
So guess what came home with me. YUP puppies. They are black and tan and are 12 weeks old. They are so stinkin cute and sweet.
I should have remembered how hyper puppies are.
This link shows one that looks just like Fanny and Freddy
We decided to name them Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac cuz they are pretty much worthless and hardly have a leg to stand on.
But we love them anyway.
How cute....
I would love to have a dog but not home enough to have one plus more vet bills.
Awwwwhhh..don't say worthless, they will give you so much love and companionship. Their devotion and dedication will be worth it all. Congrats on the new family members. You will have so many hours of entertainment and smiles from these babies. Those little short legs will carry you thru years of enjoyment. Can you tell, I love furbabies??
Dawn That's funny. I can't wait to tell the girls in the outer offices they will get a kick out of the names.

They are higly trainable, enjoy the time you can with them. They will steall all of your heart.
Awwww, how cute! I like dachshunds, they have no idea they're small dogs.

I should have remembered how hyper puppies are.

Yeah, tell me about it. We (the Puppy au Pair and I) decided Maybelline wasn't going to work, and we're calling the pup Isabelle. Monday night Isabelle woke me up at 3:15. She was standing in the middle of the bed, chasing her tail.
I like big dogs and small dogs. It depends on which one I am with at the time.
I am a big dog person. I like utility in a dog. Protection is good, as is a warm dog in the winter.
CG come on girl in FL how cold can you get in the winter.
We have 3 dog nights around here alot in the winter.
Great names and I bet they're cute little things. I'm housesitting the furry kids next door a couple days. Corgis. Little dogs that don't know it for sure.
Fanny and Freddy

Here they are the big dog under the pups if Frodo


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